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Win Myanmar U18, Vietnam U18 female U18 enters Southeast Asia final

02 Aug 2022 | 17:29 | Football

Vietnam’s women’s U18 is in very good form in the Southeast Asian U18 competition, beating Singapore with 9 goals and then beating Thailand and host Indonesia. Coach Akira Ijiri’s teachers and students have demonstrated an excellent level of technique and speed, in addition to the ability to create offensive mutations.

In the match against the Myanmar women’s U18 team this afternoon (August 2), Vietnam’s U18s once again showed their strength in attacking their opponents. In the 27th minute, An Mei’s shot hit the crossbar of her teammates.

Boldly won the Myanmar U18, Vietnam women's U18 entered the Southeast Asia final -1

The U18 Vietnamese women have won all the Southeast Asian Championships.

Vietnam U18 had good control of the ball. In the first half, there was no chance for the opponent to approach the goal. In the second half, Vietnam U18 women’s football opened the gap with a goal. Minh Chuyen escaped and scored the second goal for the home side in the 58th minute over goalkeeper May Oo Khin.

In the 64th minute, Ji Lan took advantage of the opportunity to return the ball from the wing to overtake the Vietnamese women’s U18 score to 3-0. It was not until the 80th minute, after Wai Phoo Eain’s oblique shot, that the Myanmar U18 Women’s team scored a goal to reduce the score to 1-3.

Won Myanmar U18, Vietnam women U18 entered the Southeast Asia final -2

The U18 Vietnam women’s team won in convincing fashion.

However, due to Huang Wen’s efforts, the Vietnamese women’s U18 scored a goal in stoppage time and reopened the 3-goal gap in stoppage time, thus winning 4-1.

Defeat Myanmar women U18 and Vietnam U18 women to advance to the final. The teacher and student opponents of head coach Akira Ijiri are Thai U18 actresses or Australian U18 actresses.

Hong Nan