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Who is Vietnam U23 rising star Nham Manh Dung?

27 Jun 2022 | 15:45 | Football

Born in Taiping on April 12, 2000, Nham Manh Dung currently plays for Viettel Club. When he was still wearing the U17 Viettel jersey, Nham Manh Dung was considered a talented striker for the title of top scorer in the 2017 National U17 Finals. But at the 2020 National U21 Championships, Viettel U21 coach Thach Bao Khanh let his players surprise their opponents when he kept swapping Manh Dung’s places. That’s one of the factors that helped the Army win the championship.

Who is Vietnam U23 rising star Nham Manh Dung? - first

Nham Manh Dung (17) celebrates the goal of bringing home the gold medal Sea Games 31 Represents Vietnam U23. (Photo: Nan Nguyen)

“Nham Manh Dung has the ideal height for a vertical position. Also, he has a great mentality and can get the job done no matter what position he is in. Dung’s advantage is always knowing where he is.” – Coach Thach Bao Khanh commented on his student Manh Dung during the game 2 years ago.

Nham Manh Dung, who is 1.81 meters tall, was noticed by coach Park Hengrui and was called up to Vietnam U23 from 2020. However, Viettel’s players are mostly used at left-back. Before the start of the 31st SEA Games, Liu Guangrong was absent due to injury. Hence, Manh Dung’s role is enhanced as he is one of the few left-footed players who can play at centre back. But head coach Park Hengrui “locked” Meng Yong in the forward position, surprising the fans again.

Video: Nham Manh Dung’s Golden Ball

The South Korean strategist is right. Manh Dung proved his bravery in his first match against Indonesia U23s. He was the one who opened the curtain for Tian Ling in the 54th minute, kicking off the 3-0 victory of the Vietnam U23 team.

Two weeks later, the name Nham Manh Dung was mentioned again. This time, he became a hero with his header and led the Vietnam U23 team to win the men’s football championship of the 31st SEA Games.

Who is Vietnam U23 rising star Nham Manh Dung?  - 2

Vietnam U23 team celebrates gold medal at 31st Southeast Asian Games

“This is the most valuable goal of my career. Besides, this goal also brought a gold medal to the Southeast Asian Games in Vietnam. Last year, Vietnam U23 was also the champion. This year, in order to successfully defend the title, the team had to Overcoming many difficulties. When I scored a goal to help Vietnam U23 successfully defend their title, my mood is really indescribable.” – said Nham Manh Dung.

“I want to thank the fans on behalf of the team. Although it rained heavily today, everyone showed up early to cheer for the team during the 90 minutes. Thanks again to the fans and dedicate this victory to the entire Vietnamese people.” – U23 Vietnam hero to share more.

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