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Vietnam’s biggest hurdle in AFC Cup 2022

04 Sep 2022 | 19:14 | Football

According to the organizer’s schedule AFC Cup In 2022, Vietnam will face Laos in the opener on December 24, followed by a six-day break, followed by consecutive matches against Malaysia (December 30), Singapore (January 2) and Myanmar (January 5). Playing 3 games in a row in 6 days, the tough opponent brought a very difficult physical problem to Vietnam.

If they make it through a series of intensive games in the group stage, Vietnam will have only two days off before starting the first leg of the semi-finals on January 7. The team then rested for three days before playing the second leg in the semi-finals (January 10). Two days later, if they enter the final, Park Hengrui’s teachers and students will play the first-round final on January 12 and the second-round final on January 15.

Vietnam's biggest hurdle in AFC Cup 2022 - 1

2022 Group B AFF Cup schedule.

Therefore, in the case of reaching the final, the Vietnamese team must play 7 games in 16 days, with only about 2-3 days rest between games on average. If the team reaches the semifinals, the team will play 5 games in 11 days.

Among the brightest teams in the Group B semi-finals, including Malaysia, Myanmar and Vietnam, Vietnam was the only team to play three consecutive games without a break. For the rest, Myanmar and Malaysia took turns resting and recovering in the sprint phase, in rounds 3 and 4 respectively.

Compared with Group A, Group B is at a disadvantage before the semi-finals, 1 day less. So, among the championship candidates, Vietnam will have to overcome the toughest physical problems.

However, it is believed that Coach Park Hengrui will successfully “solve mathematics”. Led by the South Korean leaders, Vietnam and the U22 won the 2018 AFC Cup and the 30th and 31st Southeast Asian Games by overcoming intense competition.

The problem for coach Park Heng-seo is to build two teams with similar quality, and at the same time to find new factors to be side by side with the old players.

If they reach the semi-finals or finals of the 2022 AFC Cup, Vietnam is likely to face a huge hurdle, namely Thailand or Indonesia. The rational calculation of Mr. Park’s long-distance running will be the key to recruiting Vietnamese to accomplish the set goals.

Hong Nan