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Vietnam women’s team wins second game in South Korea

17 May 2022 | 15:17 | Football

On the morning of April 15, the Vietnamese women’s team played against the Uiduk University women’s team. This is the third friendly match of head coach McDezhong’s team during training in South Korea and the 31st game against Southeast Asia.

In this game, head coach Mai Dezhong gave young players a chance. His starting lineup included goalkeeper Lai Shixuan, defenders Chu Shao, Dimmei, Liang Chuzhong and Huang’s loan. The two midfielders are played by Duong Thi Van and Tran Nguyen Bao Chau.

On the line, young striker Nguyen Thi Thuy Hang was screened and supported by midfielders Bich Thuy, Hoang Quynh and Nguyen Thi Van.

Vietnam women's team wins second game in South Korea - 1

The Vietnamese women’s team won another game in South Korea.

The rival Uiduk University Women’s Club is a medium-sized, challenging “reagent” for Vietnamese women players. As soon as the opening whistle blew, coach Mai Dezhong’s students quickly took the initiative. However, the pitch is not very good with strong winds, which makes coordination and ball direction inaccurate.

With Nguyen Thi Van and Nguyen Thi Sui Hang in the 21st and 43rd minutes, the Vietnamese women’s team scored two goals in the first half, while Udik University scored only one.

The situation did not change much in the second half. The Vietnamese women’s team continued to control the ball. In the 72nd and 82nd minutes, Cuiheng and Beatui scored 2 more goals and won 4-1.

Speaking of this game, head coach Mai Dezhong said:The training committee arranged for a reserve team to be attended by Beatrice. Beatrice missed the first two games against the South Korean women’s team. The players played poorly in the first half and improved in the second half. It remains a challenge for the players, a competitive practice content so that everyone can reach his or her full potential.“.

According to the plan, the Vietnamese women’s football team will continue to play a friendly match against the Gyeongju KHNP women’s football team at 13:00 on April 18.

This is also the women’s team’s last friendly match before the SEA Games before returning to Vietnam for the final review after finishing its training tour on April 21.