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“Vietnam U23 defense is too good”

01 Jul 2022 | 16:00 | Football

U23 Thailand’s goal of returning to the SEA Games title failed. In the final just concluded at My Dinh Stadium, Nham Manh Dung’s only goal helped Vietnam U23 win the final 1-0, thus successfully defending the gold medal won in the Philippines.

According to head coach Mano Polkin, Thailand’s U23s play better in terms of possession and possession, while Vietnam’s U23s only play long balls.

Video: Nham Manh Dung’s goal

I’m not happy because I don’t want to lose, but Thailand U23s have to keep going. The U23 Vietnam team had home field advantage and was cheered by thousands of spectators throughout the match. The team has 3 months of co-training, methodical strategy.

U23 Thailand played well, U23 Vietnam also played well. Thailand U23 had the idea of ​​playing and a clear formation, had the chance to score with the ball, but we lost the game. That is football. Due to the long-term training process, the U23 Vietnam team mainly used long passes and scored beautiful goals in this game. “Polkin coach assessment.

Coach Polkin:

Vietnam U23 wins the championship sea ​​games Thirty-first.

The former strategist of the Ho Chi Minh City club also shared the tactics of Thailand U23 in this game.

In the game against Indonesia U23, we did not play high pressure, but in this game we had to play high pressure to limit the opponent. However, Thailand U23 failed to break the defense line of Vietnam U23 due to its too solid defense.

Before the competition, I tell my students to be consistent with the competition. I believe that Thailand U23 is the team with the most goals, but the same way of playing, the result is not satisfactory.‘, said Mr Polkin.

According to Coach Polking, Coach Park Hengrui is very good. However, he still thinks there is too little time for the Thai U23s to be ready to make a difference in this competition.

U23 Thailand has only 1 day to prepare and practice. I am proud of their performance. When it comes to coaching, it’s hard to compare one person to another. Every coach has a different model and philosophy. I respect Mr. Park. He and I have different philosophies. We all want to win.

I admire him and Vietnamese football. I’m so disappointed I didn’t have time to prepare for this game. We had a chance, but we didn’t take it.Anyway, Thailand U23 also had an unforgettable journey‘, Coach Polkin concluded.

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