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Vietnam takes the first place in the team, breaking the gold medal record of the Southeast Asian Games

14 Jun 2022 | 16:45 | Football

The victory in Vietnam’s U23 men’s soccer final brought Vietnam its 205th gold medal at the 31st Southeast Asian Games, the last medal at this year’s Southeast Asian Games.

The Vietnamese sports delegation has broken the record for the number of gold medals a country has won at one SEA Games, breaking the 25-year-old record set by the Indonesian team at the 1997 SEA Games.

The Vietnamese team ranked first, breaking the gold medal record in the Southeast Asian Games - 1

Men’s soccer gold medal marks successful conclusion of Vietnam delegation’s successful Southeast Asian Games

Before the competition on May 22, the Vietnamese delegation won a total of 181 gold medals, 106 silver medals and 106 bronze medals, ranking first in the team. Sea Games 31 not end yet.

At 5pm on May 22, Vietnam’s number of gold medals reached 195, surpassing Indonesia’s old record. Next, diving, boxing, muay thai, shooting and football players continued to bring good news to the home fans for the successful conclusion of the SEA Games.

Among the gold medals won by the Vietnamese team, track and field contributed the most, winning a total of 22 gold medals. Next is wrestling with 17 gold medals. Swimming also brought 11 gold medals, although this year’s super swimmer Nguyen Thi Anh did not compete.

Nguyen Huy Hoang and Nguyen Thi Oanh were named the best athletes at the 31st SEA Games, along with women’s swimmer Jing Wen Quah (Singapore) and men’s Joshua Robert Atkinson (Thailand).

The Vietnamese team ranked first and broke the gold medal record in the Southeast Asian Games - 2

Nguyen Thi Oanh is one of the four best athletes at the 31st Southeast Asian Games.

Nguyen Thi Oanh won 3 individual track and field gold medals in the 1500m, 5000m and 3000m steeplechase events.

Swimmer Nguyen Huy Hoang won gold in the 400m freestyle (also breaking the SEA Games record with a time of 3’48’06), 800m freestyle, 1500m freestyle, 200m butterfly, 4x200m freestyle relay (record breaking) . SEA Games 31 with Overall: 7’16″31).

Quang Binh is the first gold medalist for the Vietnamese swimming team at the 31st Southeast Asian Games.

Nguyen Huy Hoang won a total of 5 gold medals and broke 31 records at 2 SEA Games.

The Vietnamese team ranked first, breaking the gold medal record of the SEA Games - 3

31st Southeast Asian Games medal standings.

Vietnam football continues to successfully defend the No. 1 position, and Vietnam U23 even created an incredible record of winning the championship without a single goal. The girls of the women’s soccer team also performed well, beating Thailand to take the post-SEA Games throne for the seventh time.

It’s a pity that the Vietnamese men’s and women’s futsal teams missed their chance to win gold even if they only needed to tie the last game.

Many other sports teams have also had great success, including martial arts (10 golds), taekwondo (9 golds), kayaking (8 golds), Kulash (7 golds), Pencak Silat (6 golds) ), karate (7 gold medals). ), chess (7 gold medals)…

According to Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dan (and chairman of the National Steering Committee of the 31st Southeast Asian Games), the greatest success of the Vietnamese sports delegation is not only in the total number of medals. Team Vietnam has achieved high levels in the Olympic movement and does not have to rely on host-specific subjects to outdo their opponents.

Today, the 31st SEA Games officially ended with the closing ceremony. Vietnam will hand over the flag of the Southeast Asian Sports Federation to Cambodia, which will host the 32nd Southeast Asian Games in 2023.

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