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Vettel distraught after Vietnam centre-back injured

06 Jul 2022 | 16:20 | Football

confirm VTC NewsCoach Truong Viet Hoang said Nguyen Duc Chien has torn the meniscus in his left knee. Tomorrow (July 6), Vettel Club Focus will be restored and Duc Chien will begin the recovery process. For this type of injury, the 1998 midfielder would take at least 4-6 weeks to fully heal if the tear wasn’t too severe.

Vietnam center back injured, Vettel destroys defense - 1

Midfielder Nguyen Duc Chien torn meniscus.

If the tear is more severe and is in an area that won’t heal on its own, Duc Chien may need surgery and could extend the break from play to 3 months. This is a personal worry for the Viettel Club and coach Truong Viet Hoang. Before that, they lost midfielder Pei Tianyong, who had to be sidelined for three months only to return in September.

During this time, defense suddenly became a headache for the Viettel Club. Due to the inability to regularly use two central defenders in the official lineup, coach Zhang Yuehuang had to consider arranging backup central defenders, such as Cao Chen Huanghong or Zhang Wenqie, from the very beginning.

In addition, the military leader could also drop midfielder Abduminov Jahongir to take the centre-back position next to Nguyen Thanh Binh. However, this option will significantly reduce the Viettel Club’s ranged defenses. Remember when HAGL visited Pleiku before, the Uzbek foreign player played as a full-back centre-back, and the player’s absence made the 2020 V-League champion’s midfielder unbalanced.

Last night (July 4th), Viettel Club suddenly lost to the club Hongling Hejing 0-1 at home. Despite having the upper hand, the home side did not show the necessary efficiency in the final closing situation.

In the next round, the Viettel Club is the team that has a break and does not have to play. Coach Truong Viet Hoang will have more time to calculate the staff to adapt to the actual situation of the team. The team will make a tough trip to Lach Tray before returning to Haiphong Club in Round 7.