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U23 Vietnam remains the king of football in Southeast Asia thanks to genius Park Heng Swee

29 Jun 2022 | 15:48 | Football

U23 Vietnam beat U23 Thailand in final Sea Games 31 In order to keep the throne in Southeast Asia, Teacher Park Hengrui and his students actually have time to let their opponents dominate. The U23 Vietnam team is not outstanding, even if at times overwhelmed in possession or playmaking.

However, the typical team headed by Coach Park Hyung-seo never needs these factors to win the final.

Video: U23 Vietnam 1-0 U23 Thailand

Under pressure

The 120-minute “difficulty-solving” between the semi-finals and the Malaysian U23 showed the two sides of the U23 Vietnam. It’s an indisputable defensive ability, but limited in terms of team organization, resulting in impressive offense, counter-attack or transition.

The 2 games of the Asian U23 qualifiers helped Mr Park “infect” his students. He used his power to call 3 too old to call 2 great midfielders (Hong Yong, Huang De) and a striker who could score.

The South Korean leader wanted to create an attacking triangle that could function independently in case the U23s were underpowered, and in fact his calculations were correct. Hung Dung and Tien Linh had their shoes printed on 4 of the 7 goals. The final goal of the Malaysia U23s in the semi-final was made by the pair.

Coach Park Heng-rui’s winning formula for the U23 Vietnam team is to have a solid defense and then let the group of players over the age of 23 solve the scoring phase. Thailand U23 head coach Mano Polkin anticipated this style of play when he used a midfield majority to cut off passes between Huang De, Hong Deng and Tian Ling.

Thanks to genius Park Heng Swee, U23 Vietnam remains the king of football in Southeast Asia - 1

U23 Vietnam struggled under pressure. (Photo: Yuying)

In the first half, the old trio did not find each other in the combination stage. The Thai U23s are very good at controlling and circulating the ball in midfield thanks to the fast passing of Woorahit or Benjamin Davies. Davies was the highlight of Thailand’s U23 offense, deftly weaving between the two defenses of Vietnam’s U23s, causing the hosts to distort the squad many times.

U23 Thailand was the first team to make U23 Vietnam unable to play properly. However, the Thai U23s have to accept the risk while controlling the game and improving their squad. Coach Park Heng-seo’s football team has been well trained in the ability to withstand pressure. U23 is the bottom door in the Vietnam War, and it is the most dangerous to track real opponents.

Thailand U23s wanted to attack, but Polkin’s choice accidentally gave Park Heng-sui’s team the right to play his way.

Punishment by coach Park Hyung-seo

The quality of the U23 Vietnam’s crosses was questioned throughout the competition. If the U23 Vietnam team scored nearly half of the goals in the 31st SEA Games, then in the 31st SEA Games, Park’s team had to wait until the U23 East Timor’s weakest team. In the game, the goal can only be found through the cross.

The problem was exacerbated when Fan Xuan was injured, forcing Coach Park to use a cross that hadn’t been shown like Tuan Tai from the start of the game. However, the Viettel club staff were suddenly heroes when he set up a cross for Manh Dung’s header.

U23 Vietnam remains the king of football in Southeast Asia thanks to genius Park Heng Swee - 2

Manh Dung scored for Vietnam U23. (Photo: Yuying)

Tuan Tai played poorly before the 80th minute, but it only took a moment to change the situation. This is also the most distinctive stage of U23 Vietnam. There may be no real clear roster structure or gameplay, but that doesn’t really matter.

Football is a game determined by moments. Vietnam U23 was nervously under pressure from Thailand U23, just waiting for the opponent to relax, putting pressure on both sides, only got one goal.

The Vietnam U23 team missed a lot of table situations, such as Tien Linh’s cut and block, and Van Do’s lateral stretch break at No. 2 and No. 2 before Manh Dung’s header.

There are still mistakes in the game, but creating a lot of dangerous opportunities without needing to hold the ball is the strength of the marking game, but it was not until the Thailand U23 that the Vietnam U23 had a chance. . But in the latent game, coach Park Heng-seo always showed his master.

At the stage of the exchange between Fan Dong and Meng Yong, he pulled Tianling back to the midfield to increase his strength to face Thailand U23, and then pushed Meng Yong to suddenly kick up near the penalty area, disrupting the opponent’s defense.

The 63-year-old coach is unlikely to change the Vietnam U23’s game in a day or two, but the strategic use of personnel (selecting Huang De, Hong Yong, Tian Ling) and tactics helped him make good use of the available resources.

Thanks to the genius Park Hengrui, U23 Vietnam is still the king of football in Southeast Asia - 3

The role of Honden is too important.

The 1-0 victory over Thailand U23 also helped Vietnam U23 keep a clean sheet in nearly 900 games at the SEA Games. Every team coached by Park Heng-seo, no matter how strong or how well they perform, still maintains defensive discipline.

Play steadily and use the opening timing to score points. The opponent knows that Coach Park Hengrui will direct the game like this, but it is not an easy thing to win.

There are still ripples after the gold medal, when U23 Vietnam was still relying on Hong Yong and Huang De. How will the team function when the duo is no longer in the Asian Championships? Or the next generation of players didn’t show potential like the previous Guang Hai, Fan Howe, Huang De or Tian Ling.

However, Vietnam U23 can wait for the victory of today’s SEA Games to give players an encouragement. Coach Park Heng-seo took full advantage of the players’ abilities to regain the title. As for how the players develop in the future, and whether they have the potential to go far, that is the story of the whole football.

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