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U19 Vietnam under strict protection in Indonesia

12 Jul 2022 | 16:37 | Football

After the final round of the group match against Thailand U19, the organizers stepped up security to ensure the safety of Vietnam U19. The U19 Vietnam team was heavily supported by security forces around the hotel before moving to the training ground on the afternoon of July 12. It was also the first training since arriving in Jakarta, and Mr. Dinh The Nam’s army was accompanied by an escort vehicle on the tour guide’s site.

Different from the deserted atmosphere where there were only a few guards standing guard a few days ago, the training ground area of ​​Vietnam U19 has been quite strictly protected. Before the Vietnamese U19 got off the bus and entered the training ground, Indonesian police had arrived to ensure safety.

U19 Vietnam under strict protection in Indonesia - 1

Indonesian security forces pay close attention to U19 training sessions in Vietnam.

The gates of the U19 Vietnam training ground were closed until the end of training. In addition to some members of BTC, a policeman was also walking on the inner road of the training ground, as if checking.

In previous training, Vietnam U19 often waited outside for the bus for a while. But on the afternoon of July 12, the members were asked by 2 security guards to wait inside until the bus came to pick up the car door for Dinh The Nam teacher and students to open the car door for them to get on the bus and return. hotel.

Just like the way to go, the U19 Vietnam even had 4 motorcycles to lead the way. Right at the hotel, another security team is stationed here to ensure the safety of the U19 Vietnam team.

At this time, every “every move” of the U19 Vietnam War followed closely. According to the schedule, Vietnam U19 will play the first semi-final against Malaysia U19 at 3:30 pm on July 13.