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Thomas Tuchel is bitter when watching Chelsea lose to Real Madrid

09 Apr 2022 | 11:43 | Football

Thomas Tuchel was so angry that he couldn’t sleep and lasted until the next day when he watched Chelsea lose 1-3 to Real Madrid, the first leg of the Champions League quarter-final.

Chelsea lost 1-3 to Real Madrid right at Stamford Bridge, a defeat that can turn them into former kings in Europe’s most prestigious playground.
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 A big loss at home can turn Thomas Tuchel’s teachers and students into former Champions League champions next week

Coach Thomas Tuchel admitted it was a mistake to let Andreas Christensen ‘play’ with Vinicius Junior, a very good player with a great chemistry with Karim Benzema – the author of a hat-trick against Chelsea.

The German strategist is very well aware that Chelsea may have an even more “catastrophe” when coming to the Bernabeu on Tuesday night, in the second leg rematch with Real Madrid.

He confided bitterly to the Guardian, the more he watched it, the more angry he became, angry at himself because Chelsea should have played much better.


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 Benzema is the first player to score a hat-trick against Chelsea in the Champions League

“I was watching the match against Real Madrid at home and I was angry at midnight. Then the next morning, I watched it again and I was angry again. I need a lot of chocolate to cool down.

The amount of chocolate I needed to watch the match was immense. You write and write, then press the button to watch at twice the speed, then you know you’re not good. I had to stop to go into the kitchen to calm down.”

Extremely disappointed and also blamed himself for the loss of the home team, but Thomas Tuchel insisted, Chelsea was not distracted by the current situation at the club (not sure who the new owner is, when he will appear). He frankly, if you rely on it for failure, it is just an excuse.

With the current situation, it is very difficult for Chelsea to turn the tide at the Bernabeu, at 2 a.m. on April 13, the second leg of the Champions League quarter-final.

Source: VietNamNet
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