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There was a time when I thought this team would not make it to the SEA Games semi-finals

26 May 2022 | 15:36 | Football

Coach Park Hengrui said that the 0-0 draw with the Philippines U23 was the most difficult moment in the gold medal journey of the 31st Southeast Asian Games, and it was also a time when he was afraid of whether the U23 Vietnam team could continue.

“I don’t know if the players who just beat Indonesia 3-0 are complacent. The game on the field is really lacking in cohesion. Sometimes I have to scream on the field thinking if I keep playing like this, I don’t know what I can do Can’t win a ticket to the semi-finals.” – Coach Park Hengrui said.

Coach Park Hengrui: For a while I felt that the team could not make it to the semi-finals of the SEA Games - 1

Coach Park Hyung-seo sometimes worries about his ability to continue U23 Vietnam (Photo: Yuying)

“Our defense has Thanh Binh and Viet Anh who are members of the national team, so it’s very good. Midfield and attack, although there are 3 players who are over 23 years old, we are still missing a lot. So, I will build a game first. In a game that is not lost, defense is the fulcrum of the U23 Vietnam War.” – The South Korean strategist shared more about team strength at the 31st Southeast Asian Games.

Despite the difficulties, in the face of formidable opponents, Mr. Park Hengrui and the students still overcame many difficulties and successfully defended their gold medals in the SEA Games. Not only that, Vietnam U23 also set an unprecedented record of winning the championship without conceding a goal. The South Korean strategist revealed that the main secret is to prepare tactics for each specific adversary.

“We will make the most suitable plan according to our abilities and situation. The overall strategy of the U23 Vietnam team is to focus on winning in the second half, in the first game against Indonesia U23, we determined that they will lose energy after 60 minutes, Because they played their best form at the start of the game, it worked.

In the game against the Philippines U23, the players were unable to concentrate, so they had to remind, shout loudly, and boost morale. As for Thailand U23s, they are excellent in front and midfield, so we want to play low in midfield and push up the defender to have more strength in midfield. Against Malaysia U23s, after 15 minutes, we didn’t see any great performance from them, so I ask the players to give it a shot. “ – Coach Park Hengrui said.

In addition, he also shared the pressure that Vietnam U23 has endured and overcome in the 31st SEA Games.

“We are the champions of the SEA Games and we are playing at home again. We fully understand the expectations of the fans, the vast majority of players are young, have little game experience and are not that talented. We work hard, the players work hard, we The goal was achieved. I feel like I released a lot of pressure. I am very grateful to the fans and everyone who has always supported us to achieve the best results.”

Although the 31st SEA Games is over, Coach Park Hengrui still has a lot of work to do. Immediately after his stint with Vietnam U23s, he will return to the national team in preparation for the friendly against Afghanistan scheduled for June 1. Only then will he have time to relax with his family.

“Actually, since yesterday, I haven’t been able to sleep. I often drink a lot of coffee before intense games, so it’s hard for me to fall asleep. I’m currently working with the Vietnam Football Association on future plans, including focusing on the national team in 6 Friendly match against Afghanistan on May 1. Tel will gather some new names from May 25 to create a competition. After that party, I will take a few days off back to Korea to visit my mother and brother. My mother is 100 years old Now, I want to celebrate her birthday too.” – Coach Park Hengrui said.

Coach Park Hengrui: For a while I felt that the team could not make it to the semi-finals of the SEA Games - 2

After the success of the 31st SEA Games, coach Park Heng-seo will immediately return to the national team to prepare for the friendly match against Afghanistan on June 1 (Photo: Ngoc Anh)

Also in the interview, the South Korean strategist revealed more of his personal preferences. In it, he mentioned that he was fishing in Phu Tho, while U23 Vietnam was focusing on participating in the 31st Southeast Asian Games.

“I have a hobby of fishing, but since I came to Vietnam, I don’t have many conditions to play this sport. There is a big lake in front of the Phu Tho U23 Vietnam Hotel, I went for a walk and saw people fishing, so I asked to borrow them The rod was fishing for 30 minutes when there was no active fishing.

I watch the Premier League a lot, especially Tottenham Hotspur A match against Son Heung-min. I also follow the Spanish La Liga a lot. When I was in Korea, I often went to a country with a more developed football background to study for a few months, but since I came to Vietnam, I didn’t have time to do it. The World Cup is held every four years and is a great opportunity to see how football has changed. With numbers, we can assess how football has changed today. “ – Coach Park Hyung-seo emphasized.