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“The spirit, will and energy of Vietnamese athletes at the 31st SEA Games are impressive”

10 Jun 2022 | 16:30 | Football

When meeting with domestic and foreign media after the 31st Southeast Asian Games, Mr. Tran Duc Phan, Deputy Director of the General Administration of Sports of Vietnam and head of the Vietnamese sports delegation, shared the success of Vietnamese athletes in the 31st Southeast Asian Games.

Vietnam Sports won 205 SEA Games gold medals on strength and fair play with regional sports teams, a victory that did not come from the host’s dominance as all subjects were measured and scored. Serious and fair.

But Vietnam Sports needs to find the investment direction through the correct division method. Without good athletes to focus on training and swimming in the seas of Asia, it will be difficult for Vietnam to compete with Thailand, Indonesia…. If investments are not directed in the right direction, Vietnamese sports may waste potential.

The sports competition in Vietnam is fair, all the content of the Asian Games and Olympic Games, we are well organized and there is no shortage of content.The spirit, will and vitality of Vietnamese athletes Sea Games 31 Very impressive. They both set expectations before the game and are determined to give it their all. There are new athletes participating in the SEA Games for the first time, competing in front of the audience, and with the encouragement of their families, they have a good motivation to achieve.

However, to participate in the Asian Games or the Olympic Games, we need to find solutions and have extensive resources. However, at present, the resources of the sports industry are very limited, and it is necessary to carry out key investment in different levels.

Encourage local governments (sports departments, training centers) to invest in socialization, and let the central government concentrate on training athletes for the Asian Games and the Olympic Games. At present, it can be seen that the national team is training at the central level, focusing on the SEA Games, and not playing sports at the local level.At the same time, other countries do not”, shared Mr Pan.

'Vietnamese athletes impress with spirit, will and energy at 31st SEA Games' - 1

Tran Duc Phan, head of the Vietnamese sports delegation.

After nearly 2 weeks of competition, the Vietnamese team won a total of 205 gold medals, almost twice as many as the second-placed Thai team.

However, the first place of the whole team in the 31st SEA Games is not the final destination. Vietnamese sports are targeting higher sports grounds such as the Asian Games and the Olympic Games. These are two areas where the performance of Vietnamese athletes still needs to be improved.

For example, at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Vietnamese athletes did not win any medals, lagging behind Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Mr Tran Duc Phan said the sport in Vietnam currently lacks key investments. The pressure to train and develop athletes is concentrated in the central sports training and training center, and the role of the locality has not been clearly defined.

We will invest in some Olympic sports content (such as shooting, archery, swimming, track and field) to compete on the Olympic playground. Invest in the world’s top sports, then connect to ASIAD’s goals. Of course, these athletes must also have the goal of winning the SEA Games gold medal.

Vietnam Sports has formulated an Olympic investment strategy and selected outstanding backbone athletes. However, it is difficult to say exactly when HCV was present. It can be said that in the next 20 years, it will be difficult for Vietnamese sports to win the Olympic gold medal again. This is an impossible task. In some sports such as swimming, track and field, it is very difficult for Vietnamese athletes to win ASIAD gold medals and to participate in the Olympic Games.

World-class athletes are very strong and committed. For example, in Vietnam, when we invested in Huy Hoang, we just came to compete at the ASIAD level. Huy Hoang once won a young Olympic gold medal, but competing at the top Olympics is another story“, shared by Mr Tran Duc Phan.

In order to achieve ASIAD’s goals, we must invest in some sports. Good investment and conditions can get 10 ASIAD gold medals, but the country only gives such resources to the sports industry. We need to focus resources on ASIAD and socially invest in SEA Games at the local level.

However, due to improper selection of resources, the goal was not achieved.Careful zoning is required to invest properly“.

'Vietnamese athletes impress with spirit, will and dynamism at 31st SEA Games' - 2

Huy Hoang won 5 gold medals at the 31st Southeast Asian Games.

The deputy director of the General Administration of Sports cited the investment in the Southeast Asian Games by countries such as Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia. In addition to their vast resources, these countries have succeeded through well-directed investments.

In the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Thailand has 1 gold and 1 bronze, Indonesia has 1 gold, 1 silver and 3 bronze, and the Philippines has 1 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze.

Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore and other countries focus on investment, long-term concentrated investment.If Vietnam does not change its investment, it will be difficult to move towards the Asian Games and Olympic Games“, Mr Tran Duc Phan affirmed.

'Vietnamese athletes impress with spirit, will and energy at 31st SEA Games' - 3

Will Nguyen Thi Oanh have a chance to compete in ASIAD?

Mr. Pan also shared: With the current strength, if Vietnamese sports participate in the 19th Asian Games, they can only win 3-5 gold medals, which is almost the same as 4 years ago (4 gold medals).

In the preparation plan, we focused on investing in 30 or so athletes. At ASIAD, Vietnam Sports only aims to win 3-5 gold medals in this group of 30 athletes in the near future.

We have not made comprehensive and methodical investments in accordance with international regulations. Winning the ASIAD gold medal is no easy task for Vietnamese athletes. Swimming has Huy Hoang, and track and field has 1,2 content that can have medals.

Filming can also be an additional investment in exchange for an opportunity. As for the content of fighting sports such as martial arts and wrestling, Vietnam’s chances are not high.

We had to have a solution to get 10 ASIAD Gold medals, a strong and focused investment in resources and people. As for the current capacity, Vietnam Sports has only 3-5 gold medals.In terms of resources, it is not easy for Vietnamese athletes to achieve success“, concluded Mr Tran Duc Phan.

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