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The big man in the English Premier League plans to shock the superstar, aiming for 4 blockbusters to build a new empire

27 Jan 2022 | 11:07 | Football

The Liverpool club has been quite “quiet” in recent transfer windows, but they are expected to be more active in the coming summer market. The latest move from the team’s internal information is also showing this.

One of the biggest problems for Liverpool in the past weeks is that they have not been able to determine the future of their main striker Mohamed Salah so far. The Egyptian star’s contract with the Anfield team is due to expire in June 2023 but there is currently no sign that the 29-year-old striker will commit to a long-term future with the club. next.

On the Liverpool side, they also want to keep Salah, but on the other hand, do not want to destroy the club’s salary structure as desired by the former AS Roma star. That will have a negative effect on other players in the team, causing internal disunity and coach Jurgen Klopp certainly did not expect this scenario to happen.

Therefore, according to the new Liverpool Echo, although the priority is to renew a new contract with Salah, if they cannot come to an agreement, they are ready to consider other options, even selling him in the next period. transfer next summer.

The big man in the English Premier League is going to shock the superstar, aiming for 4 blockbusters to build a new empire - Photo 1.

Salah has not yet reached an agreement to extend his contract with Liverpool. Source: Internet


Also according to this newspaper, in the case of Salah leaving, The Kop also has solutions available to fill the gap left by “Egyptian Messi” as well as other positions. They have prepared for this scenario and believe in the ability to see people as well as the deals that the team is placing in their sights.

Jarrod Bowen is the first name considered by the Liverpool leadership to recruit in the summer of 2022. This English star is one of the wingers who possesses the best speed and technique in the Premier League. at the present time and is considered the best option to replace Salah. In the event that the King of Egypt stays, Bowen is also said to be a quality reserve card for the striker born in 1992.

The big man in the Premier League is about to shock the superstar, aiming for 4 blockbusters to build a new empire - Photo 2.

Bowen is the number 1 option chosen by Liverpool to replace Salah if the Egyptian star leaves. Source: Internet


Bowen is Liverpool’s No 1 choice in the midfield position next summer but if no agreement is reached, they will also have other options available in the next positions. Leeds’ Raphinha and Leicester City’s Harvey Barnes are two backup targets for Bowen, who are both capable of climbing the flanks and playing well on the flanks. Liverpool is a team that is very focused on situations on the ball on both sides, so the opportunity for these two names to land at Anfield is not small at all.

Youri Tielemans is the last face on this list in the process of renewing the midfield which is proving to be quite old of the Port City team. The Leicester midfielder will be the choice to replace Jordan Henderson in the long run, but price will be a big problem in this deal.

All hope, this will be a sign of a transfer period where Liverpool will do their best and bring back really quality “blockbuster”. Let’s wait and see, whether there will be any names arriving at Anfield in the upcoming summer.