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The appointment of technical director Le Huynh Duc is a long-term development strategy

03 Aug 2022 | 17:30 | Football

The South team confirmed the appointment of coach Li Huangde as technical director.’s fan page Saigon Club Write: “Technical director Le Huynh Duc is a name all too familiar to fans, especially considered a symbol of City Ball, vietnamese football Generally speaking, generally speaking.

Appointing the technical director is the long-term development strategy of Saigon Football Club. Technical director Le Huynh Duc and coach Phung Thanh Phuong are both children of the city named after Uncle Hu, and it is hoped that this combination will contribute to the completion and development of a football team full of Saigon football identity..

Saigon Club: Appointment of technical director Le Huynh Duc is a long-term development strategy - 1

Saigon Club has announced the appointment of coach Le Huynh Duc.

The presence of Mr. Le Huynh Duc does not affect the position of head coach Phung Thanh Phuong. Mr. Phuong remains the team leader. The two former players will join forces to help the team overcome difficulties. In the short term, Saigon needs to improve their performance to stay in the relegation zone this season before considering further goals next season.

According to data VTC News Yes, with his many connections, Coach Le Huynh Duc will soon be adding 2-3 internal soldiers to the Saigon club in the next few days. A few days ago, they were unable to sign striker Victor Mansare due to problems with the player’s agent. Therefore, they are looking for other foreign soldiers who can serve the tactical system established by Phung Thanh Phuong.

Round 10, Saigon Clubs meet HAGL Club at home. It was a tough game because the away team was in good shape. HAGL just won a series of July V League titles such as Best Coach, Best Player and Best Team.

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