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‘Sydney FC will play offense’

18 May 2022 | 15:18 | Football

Our preparations were fraught with difficulties. In the training session yesterday afternoon, the yard was flooded due to heavy rain, so we could not do professional practice.

Sydney FC was also 1 day late, so it was affected. This afternoon, we will practice tactics.Opening day game against Jeonbuk is huge for Sydney FC”, Sydney FC coach Steve Corica shared the preparation process for the AFC Champions League group stage.

Coach Steve Corica: 'Sydney FC will play offense' - 1

Sydney FC coach Steve Corica.

In the Australian National Championship (A-League), Sydney FC is ranked 6/12th but has a quality attack with 36 goals, second in the Championship. According to coach Corica, his team will be attacking Jeonbuk, but must also focus on defensive options because the opponent’s attacking ability is strong.

We will play offense, develop the ball from the back and create a lot of chances up front. Sydney FC will have to concentrate their defense in tomorrow night’s game because Jeonbuk is very strong with 3 or 4 Korean players.

In this game, we have a plan, a strategy. Sydney FC are aiming for three points and must do everything they can to achieve that.

In Korea, Jeonbuk has won many championships. They are a strong team with many national players in addition to good foreign players. Jeonbuk have won their last 3 matches. They’re No. 4, so there’s still plenty of opportunity to move up the ranks.Jeonbuk has a strong attack, so Sydney FC must defend well and find their weak spots to score‘, added coach Corica.

Meanwhile, Sydney FC player Trent Buhaiger believes that the Australian representative must play more than 100% to achieve a better result than last season (excluded from the group stage). In 7 AFC Champions League appearances, Sydney FC have only reached the group stage once (2016).

Psych Sydney FC is very good, with a positive result in the National Championship. Last season, we didn’t get the results we wanted.Players will do their best to go further this season‘, said Buhager.