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Successor to coach Park Heng-seo applies new tactics to Vietnam U23s

25 May 2022 | 15:34 | Football

“I hope to bring glory to Vietnam U23”Coach Gong Wujun started his speech in the first practice match U23 Vietnam Preparing for the U23 Asia Finals.

After the 31st Southeast Asian Games, Mr. Gong Wujun officially took over as the head coach of the U23 Vietnam team from coach Park Hengrui. The Korean leader said that the tactics he used were different from those of his predecessors.

“Before, you are used to one strategy, but I want to introduce my new strategy. Some players are training with me in Hanoi, you already know that. Hopefully other players can adapt to my practice”, Coach Gong Wujun told the students.

“Please play well and avoid injury. The result is my responsibility. Please work hard for the color of the national team.”

Coach Park Heng-seo's successor adopts new tactics for Vietnam U23-1

Coach Gong Wujun

The South Korean leader met the Vietnamese players in the UAE U23 Dubai Cup friendly. During the main lineup for the 31st SEA Games, Coach Kong Wujun was in charge of the team’s training in Hanoi to prepare for the final of the Asian U23 Championship. Vietnam’s U23 unit participating in the upcoming competition also has several players who have just won gold medals in men’s soccer at the SEA Games.

“Congratulations to the players for participating in the SEA Games, we have more events to come, everyone, prepare well.” Coach Gong Wujun said.

In the list of Vietnam U23, more than half of the players who have just participated in the 31st SEA Games, goalkeeper Fan Quan, defender Viet Ying, Thanh Binh, midfielder Li Cong Huang Ying, Le Van Do, Qian Taoist Nguyen Van and other main players Tung, Nham Manh Dung…all have names.

The rest of the players are also the faces highly praised by coach Kong Wujun during the recent training camp in Hanoi, promising to create a new trend for the Vietnam U23 competition.

On May 28, before the U23 Asia final, the U23 Vietnam team went to the United Arab Emirates for training and a friendly match with the home team. On May 29, the team will move from the United Arab Emirates to Uzbekistan to participate in the finals U23 Asia 2022.