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Success attributed to “respect for Vietnamese culture”

28 Jul 2022 | 17:19 | Football

In the monthly issue of the North Korean newspaper (South Korea), coach Park Heng-seo talks about his football career and reveals the most important secrets of Vietnamese football success. The interview, moderated by Professor Jang Won-jae, author of the book “We are Vietnam – We are one”, chronicled the journey of coach Park Heng-seo in Vietnam in the first few years.

The Untold Story of “Player Park Heng-seo”

Coach Park Heng-seo’s relationship with football comes from… failing the high school exam. He didn’t have enough points to get into his original school, so he transferred to Gyeongsin High School in Seoul, where he was recruited to the soccer team.

“I love football, but I didn’t think about being a football player until I was in high school.” Coach Park Hengrui said. He was on the school’s football team in his first year, a rare example.

Coach Park Heng-seo: Success is due to

Coach Park Heng-seo was welcomed by the Korean media this holiday season.

The current head coach of the Vietnam team said that he “Got into a lot of trouble because he was short and not very talented. ” and “When I became a coach I realised how untalented I was as a player.”

In 1974, in the national high school competition Qinglongqi, 17-year-old Park Hengrui scored the only goal to help captain Qingxin win the championship in overtime. The next day, Park’s name first appeared on the front page of a North Korean newspaper.

Two years later, the Qingxin High School team won the championship again. Captain Park Hengrui scored the first goal in the final, contributing to the home team’s 2-0 win. In his first private interview with this newspaper, young player Park Hengrui was compared by Jingxiang News to Gary Lineker for his scoring ability.

A new detail for Vietnamese fans is that coach Park Heng-seo has been famous in South Korea since 1978, until he served as assistant to the coach of the 2002 World Cup in Hiddink. At the Asian U19 Championship in Bangladesh, Park Hengrui captained the South Korean U19 team that won the championship.

After his military service, Mr Park started his career at Lucky Goldstar club (later FC Seoul) in 1984. He belongs to the team’s first generation of players. Only played for Lucky Venus for 4 years (retired in 1988), but he and his teammates won the championship with the captain’s armband in 1985 and the runner-up in 1986.

“After I retired, I got a job as a counselor and a high school teacher, but I didn’t take it, I didn’t feel like my character was suited to teaching.”Coach Park Hengrui said.

“I work hard and think football is my life. I don’t regret it when I retire. I play football to earn a living. Football is my profession and I can support my family with it. A job I love.”

Coach Park Heng Swee: Success is due to

Coach Park Hengrui revealed that the secret of success is “selective joining”.

Success with “Any Admission”

“One is to respect Vietnamese culture, and the other is to organize and professionalize teams”, Coach Park Heng Swee revealed the secret of his success while leading the national team and Vietnam U23s.

Volunteering is a point that Coach Park learned from Gus Hiddink. One example Mr Park gave was the eating and sleeping of players during national team rallies.

“First of all, I didn’t know about the snooze habit. But, in my experience, I found that resting in the hottest weather helped. Now I also snooze.Following the local culture is a reasonable and practical choice,” Coach Park Hengrui said.

“Actions are more important than words. If you don’t join the group, you can’t do anything. I order food like the players. The players always look at the coach. If I eat Korean food, there will be something between me and the players An invisible wall. It’s not good.”

Another element of “habitual entry” that Coach Park Hengrui has mentioned many times in the past is to promote the spirit of Vietnam.This is one of the important factors in helping U23 Vietnam Work miracles in the game U23 Asia 2018.

“I saw that the U23 Vietnam team’s road to the final is similar to history. It is all about defeating strong enemies and fighting for the country. So I asked the players if they have the Vietnamese spirit. What is Nam. I’m Korean, I don’t have one. “I don’t know, you have to tell me. “ Coach Park Hengrui said. Discussions with the players helped Mr Park summarize the four elements that make up the “Vietnamese Spirit”. Namely unity, self-esteem, wisdom and strength.

Coach Park Heng-seo: Success is due to

Coach Park Heng Swee has been leading the Vietnam national team and U23 Vietnam team since 2017.

Mr Park said: “Football is a game that requires group thinking, and every player must have self-esteem, intelligence and indomitable fighting spirit on the field.”

In addition to integration, the second secret to success mentioned by Coach Park Hengrui is organization and work specialization.he said vietnamese football Just like Korea twenty years ago. In fact, the team has experts in charge of various specialized areas such as fitness, nutrition, therapy…

Coach Park Heng-seo said:The structure here is that the coach does everything. Teams are stronger when professionals bring in full professional teams. “

Initially, Coach Park Heng Rui assigned a computer-savvy Vietnamese assistant to analyze the data and videotapes. After that, the Korea Football Association (KFA) sent former player Hong Myung-bak and an analyst to Vietnam for a 3-day technical analysis guidance. Mr Park also suggested that the VFF have a medical team serving the team rather than having another person in charge for each stage and game.

“It’s the stage of building the system, it’s not perfect, but like South Korea, if the economic conditions improve, Vietnamese football can provide more experts to the team. I think that’s it. That’s what I have to do for Vietnamese football. . Significant “I don’t know when that changed, but my task is to be fully prepared for my successor. “Coach Park Hengrui said.

Song Yu(Source: North Korea)