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Spectators detonate flares, SLNA and Haiphong club also fined

27 Jul 2022 | 17:18 | Football

Federal Disciplinary Committee vietnamese football (VFF) fines clubs SLNA During the match on the evening of July 23, spectators set fire to VND 15 million in the stands of Vinh Stadium. In addition, the person who lit the torch carried out this act in the area reserved for Haiphong fans, so the team was also fined 15 million VND.

The incident occurred in the 67th minute of the match between SLNA and Haiphong in the 9th round of the V League. A flare appeared in the booth area specially arranged by the organizer for the Haiphong Club.

Spectators light flares, SLNA and Haiphong club fined - 1

Fans in Hai Phong showed flares at Vinh Stadium in the area.

Previously, in order to prepare for this game, the organizer of the home team strengthened its strength and stepped up the security work of Wien Stadium. SLNA also Haiphong Club Please provide fan numbers and venue schedules and advise fans to comply with VFF and VPF regulations.

Following the disciplinary decision just made by the VFF, Haiphong Club was fined for disturbing fans in the V League for 2 consecutive rounds. In the 8th round, the port team’s game organizer asked the spectators to go down to the court to choke their necks and spit in the face of the referee.

The fan was subsequently banned for three years from the stadium for matches managed and organised by the VFF. Haiphong Club was fined up to VND 70 million. This incident also caused the leaders of the port team to explain to the Hai Phong Municipal Department of Culture and Sports and the VPF.

In a report sent to the VPF, the head of the Haiphong club admitted that fans spit in the face of the referee at the Lach Tray Stadium, damaging the image of Haiphong football. In the ninth round, when the port team played away, Haiphong fans continued to foul. Although they are only personal actions, they also have a negative impact on Haiphong, not only in terms of image but also financially.