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Singapore is superficial, it’s hard to say Vanquette is brilliant

24 Sep 2022 | 04:11 | Football

Vanquette is a seasoned, mischievous player. Van Quyet will develop a plan for individuals to build trust with coach Park Hang Seo. “ Former national team player Nguyen Manh Dung commented.

Vanquette has just made a strong comeback in a Vietnam jersey in a win over Singapore. The 31-year-old striker scored his first goal in about 60 minutes and created many chances for his team-mates.Captain’s performance Hanoi Football Club Coach Park Hengrui was satisfied.

Video: Vietnam National Team 4-0 Singapore

However, according to former national team player Nguyen Manh Dung, Fan Kui still needs to continue to work hard to win the trust of coach Park Heng Swee. It wasn’t enough against Singapore because it was too easy for Vietnam.

“Vanquette’s performance can’t be used in bright words. It was a friendly match and Singapore’s opponents played a little shallow.” Former player Nguyen Manh Dung commented.

The expert also affirmed that what Vanquette needs to prove is not his ability, but his fit with Vietnam’s style of play. Vanquette has been one of the best and most consistent players in the V-League for years, but has never been used in Vietnam.

“I’m sure Vanquette’s professionalism at club or team level is still the same, still good, his level is undisputed.”front and back The Cong, HAGL say.

“Not being selected for the national team doesn’t mean it’s bad. Van Kuiye is good, but it’s not suitable at some point. Regarding Kuiye’s frequent absence from the national team, I think it’s because of special tactical requirements. The coach’s request. It’s normal.”

Ex-Vietnam players: Singapore is superficial, it's hard to say Vanquette is bright - 1

Vanquette’s return to Vietnam has been impressive.

In fact, coach Park Heng Swee is looking for the most effective way to use Vanquette, and Hanoi FC players are also trying to adapt to the team’s style of play.This may be the time when coach Park Hengrui needs Fan Kui the most, because the Vietnam team is likely to lack Guang Hai AFC Cup 2022.

According to former midfielder Nguyen Manh Dung, in order for Pham Kwe to have a place in the Vietnam squad, he needs to make adjustments. On the other hand, he also needs to maintain the same efficiency as when he was playing at the club.

“It’s not just Vanquette, every player has to work hard to show and change to fit the team.” Manh Dung stressed.

“Vietnam’s midfield is the most competitive place, and it’s fair game for Pham Kwe to join the team. He has to be good enough to stay, if it doesn’t fit the bill. If you can, then you need to understand that this It’s not about the young players or the older players, it’s the people who are in good shape and meet the coach’s requirements to get seats.”

Mai Fang