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Samson Wong pays Thanh Hoa club after VFF ruling

12 Aug 2022 | 17:55 | Football

“We just received Samson Wong’s payment the other day, and that’s all there is to it. I think it’s normal for contract disputes to arise. When teams and players don’t find a common voice at the negotiating table, this case should be To be adjudicated by the competent authority in accordance with the contract and the law”. Reply from the person in charge of Thanh Hoa Club VTC News.

Samson was long overdue to pay off the debt, but he didn’t. On July 16, the VFF must issue Document No. 1721/LDBDVN-PL&TCCT, which requires Samson to pay the old team by 16:00 on August 1, 2022. If the HCM City Club player continues to fail to comply with the ruling, he will have to accept disciplinary action from the VFF.

Samson Wong to pay Thanh Hoa club after VFF ruling - 1

Hoang Vu Samson has just paid off Thanh Hoa Club’s debt.

Previously, the Qing Hua team and the Samson team had a dispute over the fees in the contract between the two parties. Samson’s poor performance and multiple suspensions for rude and offensive behavior affected the image of Thanh Hoa and its sponsors. When the contract was liquidated, the two parties were unable to find a common voice after negotiation and had to seek a solution from the VFF.

On December 14, 2021, VFF received a request to resolve a contract dispute between Samson and Thanh Hoa Club. After 3 months of validation and collaboration between stakeholders, the VFF issued Decision No. 128/QD-LDBDVN. Based on the terms of the labor contract, Vietnamese law, and evidence in the case, the VFF decided that Samson must return the rebate fee to Thanh Hoa Club. It was part of the fee he received in the first phase, money the player did not receive in the second phase of the season.

Instead, Thanh Hoa Club is obliged to pay back wages. The player was subject to internal disciplinary action for violating the team’s training and activity rules. Deducting the above two items, Samson Wong must pay the Qing Hua team.

However, Samson disagreed with the decision. He filed a complaint with the VFF on March 18, 2022. The 1988-born player asked the VFF to cancel Decision No. 128/QD-LDBDVN. Meanwhile, Samson wants to enjoy the full amount he got in the first part of the season and liquidate his contract for the remainder of his salary.

On May 17, the VFF Complaints and Reconciliation Committee convened to consider complaints from Nigerian-born players. Based on the case documents, contracts and legal basis, Chairman Chu Hong Thanh decided to retain the content of Decision No. 128/QD-LDBDVN issued on March 16. Hoang Vu Samson still has financial obligations to the old team.