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Rangnick lied or Ronaldo resisted? What happened at OTF?

08 Mar 2022 | 11:06 | Football

 There are still many doubts surrounding the Portuguese star’s injury right before the Manchester derby.

Rangnick spoke after the defeat to Man City 

As expected, Manchester United were unable to surprise a Manchester City hungry for points due to strong pressure from Liverpool. In fact, coach Ralf Rangnick’s men were quite active in the first half, but in the next 45 minutes of the match, they performed like an amateur team and let The Citizens control the game.

Notably, one of the stars most expected by fans for the last derby – Cristiano Ronaldo, was not able to attend. Contrary to Raphael Varane and Luke Shaw, who are absent due to COVID-19, Rangnick’s reason for Ronaldo’s case is that CR7 has a hip injury. However, there has been quite a bit of speculation surrounding this incident.
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 What happened behind Ronaldo’s absence? 

Only before the great battle with Man City took place, Ronaldo was announced to be injured, but the Portuguese star was in fact still present in previous training sessions. Therefore, many views believe that Ronaldo is not actually injured, but he was directly removed from the squad by Rangnick to proceed to use the “virtual 9” system with Bruno Fernandes.

The situation became even more complicated when Ronaldo’s sister, Katia Aveiro, liked a status line on Instagram, with the content that Rangnick had crossed out CR7’s name for tactical reasons, and in fact, the former Juventus star did not at all. have physical problems or even catch a cold. Notably, as revealed by The Athletic UK, after determining that he would not participate in the derby, Ronaldo took a flight to his hometown of Portugal. However, this incident contradicts Rangnick’s previous statement. 
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 Rangnick wants injured players at Man Utd.

“My previous teams have always tried to make sure that the recovery process takes place within the club itself,” Rangnick discussed Paul Pogba’s departure to Dubai to recuperate.

“I can say that the medical department is really good, with different approaches to rehabilitation. I don’t want the players to start the recovery process abroad or anywhere else, but the decision about Paul was made before I arrived.”

“In the future, and I have talked to the medical department, I want the players to get injured – hopefully we don’t have long-term injuries, but if there is in the future, then I want them stay here.”

If he was injured and returned to Portugal to begin the recovery process, would Ronaldo have openly opposed Rangnick? Or in fact, just like what the media has inferred, is the injury just an excuse for the German strategist to remove CR7 from the squad? Of course, how exactly that happened, only insiders know , but, it is clear that the current Man Utd dressing room has not shown any signs of improvement compared to the era of coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.