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PES HAGL vs Yokohama Asian Cup C1

01 May 2022 | 14:31 | Football

  • the game is over

    HAGL 1-2 Yokohama.

  • Opportunities in Yokohama

    Great save by Tuan Linh.

  • HAGL opportunities

    HAGL unfortunately missed out. Xuan Chang crossed the goal, but Hu Tuan failed to enter the field in time.

  • HAGL opportunities

    Xuan Long shot and hit the Yokohama player’s foot. HAGL has only one corner.

  • Yokohama Mariners stalemate. However, the visiting team had the advantage. HAGL was the team that had to be impatient in the final minutes of the game.

  • Yokohama F.Marinos gradually increased the pressure, but the visiting team’s position was not connected in an offensive situation. The star palace is faint. Leo Ceara is currently out with an injury.

    PES HAGL vs Yokohama Asian Cup - 1

    HAGL expects to fight back. (Photo: Hong Nam)

  • Opportunities in Yokohama

    HAGL almost lost. Leo Ceara’s header is saved by Tuan Linh. The Brazilian striker has chosen a position where he can receive very good crosses.

  • Yokohama F.Marinos starts to push up the lineup and reveals the gap between the two sides. HAGL had 2 dangerous counter-attack situations, but the final handling still lacked decisiveness and accuracy.

  • Duan An rested. In another game, the midfielder did not play the full 90 minutes.

    Xuan Chang put on the captain’s armband.

  • HAGL opportunities

    Duan An’s long-range shot made it even more difficult for the Yokohama goalkeeper. The home team still has the ball.

    PES HAGL vs Yokohama Asian Cup - 2

    HAGL needs to maintain confidence, but also need to be very focused and alert. (Photo: Hong Nam)

  • Opportunities in Yokohama

    Fixed defense is still HAGL’s weakness. Leo Ceara threatens again and hits the crossbar with his header.

  • Second round begins

    HAGL is not replaced. The Yamashiro team played well in the first half, except for the fixed defensive situation.

  • End of first round

    HAGL 1-2 Yokohama

    PES HAGL vs Yokohama Asian Cup - 3

    HAGL played well in the first half. (Photo: Hong Nam)

  • Leo Ceara’s shot misses the target. The Brazilian striker is capable of making quick shots and still has good power.

  • HAGL’s lineup is not 3-4-3 but 3-5-2. Washington Brandau plays left midfield.

    Yokohama held the ball slowly, sneaking in the spaces between Hagel’s centre-backs and full-backs, but it didn’t work. The visitors have yet to make a serious attack from the arrangement of live ball coordination.

    Live Football HAGL vs Yokohama Asian Cup - 4

    HAGL is not broken after 2 goals in a row. (Photo: Hong Nam)

  • HAGL opportunities

    Van Toan turned to clear the Yokohama defender but slipped on a left-footed pass.

  • Enter! HAGL shortens the score

    Hagler 1-2 Yokohama

    Kang Fang takes the corner. Mauricio Barbosa’s header is dangerous.

    The current goals are very important to HAGL.

  • Enter!Yokohama score

    Hagler 0-2 Yokohama

    Leo Ceara scores again from the set-piece. Kim Dong-soo’s family education is not good.

    Live Football HAGL vs Yokohama Asian Cup - 5

    Yokohama scored 2 goals from set-pieces. (Photo: Hong Nam)

  • Enter!Yokohama opens the scoring

    Hagler 0-1 Yokohama

    Leo Ceara scores from a teammate’s corner with the heel.

  • In the first few minutes of the race, HAGL was no slouch. The home team defended aggressively and did not allow the opponent to take advantage of the space.

    Live Football HAGL vs Yokohama Asian Cup - 6

    HAGL’s entry is not bad. (Photo: Hong Nam)

  • HAGL opportunities

    Fan Qing made a breakthrough on the right and hit the far post with a left-footed shot.

  • Game start

    HAGL 0-0 Yokohama

  • HAGL vs Yokohama Lineup

    HAGL used all 4 foreign soldiers in this game. This is the strongest team of the Yamashiro team.

    Cong Phuong and captain Tuan Anh play a pair of midfielders in a 3-4-3 formation.

    The most famous name in the Yokohama team is Gong Yiliang, who played for Arsenal and started.

    Live Football HAGL vs Yokohama Asian Cup - 7

    HAGL vs Yokohama match list

  • HAGL vs Yokohama Review

    HAGL is currently in poor shape. HAGL can no longer play as effectively as how they won the 2021 V-League before the season was cancelled. The decline of the pillars and the adjustment of the game by coach Kiatisak caused HAGL to malfunction.

    HAGL’s only victory in the first five games of the season was a penalty shootout in the National Cup. Yamashiro kept 4 clean sheets, but HAGL’s biggest problem was attacking. Cong Phuong and his teammates only scored in one game.

    Meanwhile, Yokohama F.Marinos are the defending J-League runners-up and the team led by coach Kevin Muscat are currently second in the Japanese top flight. Yokohama Mariners have scored a league-high 17 goals in their first 10 matches in the J-League this season. Even the representative of Japan is considered as one of the championship candidates.