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“Paul Football Club is taking shape”

24 Aug 2022 | 18:34 | Football

This is a completely disappointing result. We had some great situations in the first half but then conceded a goal. Of course we lost, but the score didn’t reflect the game.We have to defend better and take advantage of better opportunitiesshared by Owen Coffey.

Coffey started four games from the start of the season as a right-back for the Pau club. He said the team was improving day by day and needed more time because most of the staff were newcomers.

“We played our best half of the season against Solchaux in the first half. Ligue 2 has only just started so people don’t have to worry. We are still trying to integrate because there are a lot of new players coming in this season. More chances Showing up, the team’s style of play is taking shape.” Coffey said.

Teammate Guang Hai:

Defender Owen Coffey (No. 7) believes the Paul club are perfecting the game. Photo: Getty Images.

The 3-0 loss to Sochaux was Pau’s second-biggest loss since the start of the season. At present, Guanghai’s team has only 2 points and 1 goal in 4 games. It was a disappointing result for Bean fans.

Coffey said neither he nor his teammates escaped criticism from fans. “They are right, if the criticism is still within the bounds of respect. We know we have to work harder for Paul’s pride. We need to wake up quickly because the fans are already there. The team is in a difficult time, but if the situation changes It’s complicated and we’re going to have to accept harsher rhetoric,” guard Paul said.

In the fifth round of Ligue 2, Pau will face Quevilly Rouen, who is ranked 16th, 2 places higher than Pau.