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NBA Caijing: Bulls send Warriors three-game losing streak and Mavericks end Grizzlies’ 11-game winning streak

14 Jan 2022 | 11:41 | Basketball

Magic vs Wasps

Although the Magic is weak and tough, the Hornets are easy to win and difficult to win

NHL Magic vs Hornets (-11.5)

Recommendation: Handicap Main and Negative

After two losses at home and away to the Wizards, the Magic suffered a 10-game losing streak and it is difficult to win a win. However, although the team’s record is very bad, Wagner Jr.’s performance is getting better and better. personal high. Another rookie on the team, Suggs, also released his own training video. According to the news, the next game against the Hornets and the Hornets will be able to return. Before the season, people’s expectations for him far exceeded Jr. Wagner. If he and Wagner can play, It’s not in vain that magic has been “rotten” for so many years.

The Hornets have been in a state of flux this season. They can win streaks for a certain period of time or lose streaks. The Hornets, who have won 4 consecutive victories recently, are in pretty good shape. Among them, the double-killing Bucks beat the 76ers and showed excellent form. The last game In the game against the 76ers, Hayward scored 30 points, Rozier scored 22 points and contributed key three-pointers, and the excellent performance of his teammates also made up for Ball’s recent unstable performance. In Bo’s 4-game winning streak, he only hit 9 of 36 three-pointers, and the shooting rate was only 25%.

In this game, the Hornets scored a home handicap of 11.5 points. Although the Magic recently suffered a 10-game losing streak, only 2 games in this 10-game losing streak lost more than 10 points. It can be seen that the Magic’s toughness is still good. Although they and the Hornets have lost the last 3 games against each other, they have lost only 10 points in the three games. Therefore, the author believes that although magic is passive, it will not be destroyed. Handicap is recommended.

Raptors vs Pistons

The Pistons are unstable and it is difficult to pose a threat at home, the Raptors chase the playoffs and capture the Motor City

NBA Raptors vs Pistons (+7.5)

Recommendation: Assignee

With a 6-game winning streak, the Raptors, who had been hovering outside the top 8 in the East, jumped onto the playoff train. Although they lost the last game, they only lost 4 points against the leader Suns. State, the “Big Three” Van Fleet, Anunoby and Siakam are well-deserved heroes in this wave of winning streaks. During the 6-game winning streak, Van Fleet contributed 30+ points in 5 games. The former hero of winning the championship It’s hot now.

Although they reversed the Jazz with 22 points at home, they returned to reality after a 46-point defeat against the Bulls. The highest score in this game was Josh Jackson’s 16 points from the bench, while the No. 1 pick Cunningham only scored 8 7 rebounds. However, although Cunningham’s performance in this game is average, and this season is not as eye-catching as Mobley, Barnes and other rookies, but his personal ability is still worthy of praise. This season, he scored 25+5 assists 4 times and leads the rookie list.

In this game, the Pistons were given 7.5 points at home. The Raptors have been in good shape recently and won 6 consecutive victories. The winning streak did not end until they lost to the Suns in the last game. The Pistons defeated the Bulls in the last game. The difference between the two teams is still quite different. big. It is recommended that the transferee be the main negative.

Suns vs Pacers

The Pacers are terrified of internal and external troubles, the sun is strong and easy to win

NBA Suns vs Pacers (+6.5)

Recommendation: Assignee

Thanks to the performance of the Warriors in recent 5 games and 4 losses, coupled with the sun’s own efforts, they have regained the leading position with 4 wins in 5 games recently, but the team has been suffering from minor injuries recently. to injury. In the future, there are still 4 consecutive games waiting for them, and the third-placed Grizzlies are aggressive, so there is not much room for the Suns to make mistakes.

The Pacers ended their 6-game losing streak by beating the Jazz at home, but the Celtics were still in a bad state of losing in the subsequent two games. In the home game against the Celtics, even though Sabonis scored a triple-double of 11+23+10 , but the team still lost in overtime. In the second game against the Celtics, the defense was penetrated by the opponent, and they allowed the Green Army to score 30+ points.

In this game, the Pacers were given 6.5 points at home, and Paul was absent from training because of the new crown detection problem. It is not known whether he can play in this game. However, the Pacers have serious problems here. They have lost 8 of 10 games recently, and people are worried about trading problems. Therefore, the author is still more optimistic about the Suns winning away easily. It is recommended that the transferee be the main negative.

Celtics vs. 76ers

Inside dominant 76ers beat Celtics at home

NBA Celtics vs. 76ers (-3.5)

Recommendation: Handicap wins

The Celtics are in good shape recently. After a three-game winning streak, they rose to the tenth place in the Eastern Conference. The team’s performance this season is not good. The coexistence of the two core players, Tatum and Brown, has become a hot topic in the media. , but the two broke out together in the game against the Pacers. Brown scored 34 points and Tatum contributed 33 points and 7 rebounds. However, this situation is not common. In addition, the Green Army’s bench lineup is relatively weak. Only 27.6 points per game off the bench is the third-lowest in the league.

The 76ers lost to the Hornets in the last game and ranked fifth in the Eastern Conference after their seven-game winning streak was ended. Their offensive performance this season was not very good, averaging only 107.3 points per game at the lower level of the league, but the good thing is The team’s defense is not bad, only conceding 105.7 points per game, but a strange phenomenon is that although the 76ers have two big insiders, Embiid and Drummond, the average rebounding data is at the bottom of the league. Whether there is a chance to compete for the championship is questionable.

In terms of winning and losing, the home team has a handicap of 3.5 points. Considering the previous confrontation between the two teams, although the Celtics’ perimeter players performed well, they can’t limit Embiid’s performance in the interior. The Celtics can’t protect the penalty area, and it will be difficult for them to retreat away from home. It is recommended that the handicap be the main victory.

Eagles vs Heat

Defensive win, Heat beat Eagles at home

NBA Hawks vs Heat (-3.5)

Recommendation: Handicap wins

The Eagles recently suffered a three-game losing streak, and their ranking has also dropped to the twelfth place in the east and west. Although they have almost retained the entire main lineup this season, the team’s performance has been a lot worse than last season. The Eagles twins Trae Young and Collins They have maintained a good competitive state, but the help given by other players has been greatly reduced. In order to seek a change, the team has just sent Reddish back to Knox, and Capela will continue to miss tomorrow’s game due to an ankle injury.

The Heat are temporarily second in the Eastern Conference after their three-game winning streak. After struggling early in the season, the team is finally back on track. They continue to build on defense and are currently only conceding 103.9 points per game, the fourth-fewest in the league. The offensive performance is quite satisfactory, but the record is still improved significantly. In the case of Adebayor and Butler suffering from injuries, the Heat’s role players have stood up. Currently, their bench score ranks third in the league. If the team’s lineup is complete , they will be a strong contender for the championship.

The home team has a handicap of 3.5 points in terms of winning and losing. Considering the current state of the two teams, the Eagles have suffered a losing streak and the inside gate Capela is also unable to play due to injury, while the Heat have a winning streak. , the team has proved that it can play well in the absence of Adebayor and even Butler. I think it is difficult for the Eagles to get opportunities on the road, and it is recommended to handicap the main victory.

Warriors vs Bulls

Complete the revenge Bulls to send the Warriors three-game losing streak at home

NBA Warriors vs. Bulls (-3.5)

Recommendation: Handicap wins

The Warriors have not been in a good state recently. After two consecutive losses, they have given up the top spot in the Western Conference. The team has finally welcomed back Thompson, who has been away from the game for a long time in the past few games. Although he is in good shape, the Warriors’ chemical reaction There seems to be some damage. The performance of several main players has fluctuated. In today’s game with the Bucks, Curry only scored 12 points and 8 rebounds. Quickly adjusting the team’s state to complete the run-in has become Kerr’s biggest current the problem.

The Bulls lost to the Nets by a big score in the last game, but they still ranked first in the Eastern Conference. They can be said to be the most improved team this season. DeRozan ushered in the second spring of his career after coming to the team, averaging 26 per game. With the highest points on the team, Ball has improved the Bulls’ backcourt competitiveness. Currently, their fast break shooting percentage and three-point shooting percentage are tops in the league. If this momentum continues, the Bulls will have a chance to hit the championship this season.

In terms of winning and losing, the home team has a handicap of 3.5 points. Considering the recent run-in problem of the Warriors, the state of Curry and other players has begun to fluctuate, and the Bulls have a complete and tacit understanding of the lineup. I think the Bulls have a chance to win at home. Opponent, complete revenge, recommend handicap to win.

Cavaliers vs Spurs

In poor form, the Spurs are hard to beat the Cavaliers

NBA Cavaliers vs Spurs (+4.5)

Recommendation: Handicap Main and Negative

On January 15, 2022, Beijing time, the Spurs will face the Cavaliers as the home team.

The Spurs have been in a very bad state since entering 2022. The team has only won one of the eight games this month, and recently lost to the Nets, Rockets and other teams, suffering a four-game losing streak. In the last ten games, the Spurs have lost an average of 115.9 points per game. Many players of the team were previously unable to play due to health and safety protocols. After their return, they failed to find the state they were in last month. They are currently in a difficult situation to win. in the requested state.

Although Sexton and Rubio are out of season, the Cavaliers still want to make an impact in the playoffs, and they still maintain a relatively good state, currently ranking sixth in the Eastern Conference with 24 wins and 18 losses. With the defenders injured one after another. The young Garland stepped forward. This season, he averaged 19.1 points and 7.6 assists per game; the team veteran Love has also recovered a lot. In the last ten games, he averaged 18.7 points and 7.6 rebounds per game, helping the ball The team is on a winning streak in the current road trip.

In this game, the handicap index set out by the competition lottery is 4.5 points for the home team Spurs. Considering the current poor state of the Spurs, the author is optimistic that the Cavaliers will continue their away winning streak and recommend the handicap to lose.

Mavericks vs Grizzlies

Mavericks beat Grizzlies to end winning streak

NBA Mavericks vs. Grizzlies (-5.5)

Recommendation: Handicap Main and Negative

On January 15, 2022, Beijing time, the Grizzlies will face the Mavericks as the home team.

The Grizzlies narrowly beat the Timberwolves in today’s game and won 11 consecutive victories. The team is currently one of the best teams in the league. Although the team’s center Adams has recently been absent due to health and safety protocols, active young people such as Jaren Jackson Jr., Clarke, Tillman and others have performed well on the inside, helping the team continue the winning streak, except for Morant on the outside. , The continuous performance of Tyus Jones, Bane and others is also the key to the Grizzlies’ winning streak.

The Mavericks, like the Grizzlies, also have a starting big man out due to health-safety protocols — Porzingis has missed six games as a result. In the recent stage, the Lone Ranger has also performed well. Since entering 2022, the Lone Ranger has achieved an excellent record of six wins and one loss. During this period, the team has successively defeated the Bulls, Warriors and other strong teams, and tomorrow’s Lone Ranger and Gray The Bears game will be a great matchup of two teams in great shape.

The handicap index set by Jingcai for this game is the home team’s handicap of 5.5 points for the Grizzlies. Both teams have been in excellent form recently. Considering that the Grizzlies played against the Timberwolves at home today to the last moment, the comparison of state and physical strength It has declined before, and the author is optimistic that the Mavericks are expected to end the Grizzlies’ winning streak on the road, and recommend the handicap to lose.

Rockets vs Kings

King Lectra Rockets hit the top ten

NBA Rockets vs Kings (-6.5)

Recommendation: Handicap wins

On January 15, 2022, Beijing time, the Kings will face the Rockets as the home team.

The Kings are currently ranked 11th in the Western Conference with 17 wins and 27 losses, and the team faces an embarrassing record of not making the playoffs for many years. According to the latest report, the Blazers guard Lillard has undergone surgery and will be out for a few weeks – the Blazers are currently ranked 10th, and the absence of Lillard and CJ gives the Kings a chance to hit the top 10, if the 10th at the end of the season. , there is hope to enter the playoffs through the playoffs, which should be a big temptation for the king who has not entered the playoffs for many years. The author believes that they will try their best to seize every opportunity to win and strive to improve Team ranking.

The Rockets have lost more and won less in recent games, often winning a game after a losing streak. In the last ten games, the Rockets have a record of two wins and eight losses. Although the team can get 111.8 points per game, But they did a poor job on the defensive end, giving up an average of 124.9 points per game. This is what this young Kings team is good at. Their current coach, Gentry, is famous for his offense. Tomorrow’s game, the Rockets are expected to continue to drop high points on the defensive end.

The handicap index set out by Jingcai in this game is the home team’s handicap of 6.5 points. The author is optimistic that the king will beat the Rockets at home and strive to reach the top ten. I recommend the handicap to win.