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MU welcomes Pogba back: Waiting for coach Rangnick to unleash his tactics

21 Jan 2022 | 13:05 | Football

Pogba’s return is expected to help coach Ralf Rangnick unleash his tactics, not being forced as at present.


Pogba has returned to practice with the entire MU team after a few months of convalescing when he returned to focus on the national team. The French midfielder will soon become one of the options of coach Ralf Rangnick in the coming days and the German teacher has also had words of encouragement and encouragement to his student.

MU welcomes Pogba back: Waiting for coach Rangnick to unleash his tactics - 1

Pogba is about to return after 2 months of convalescence

The question is when there is Pogba, how will the German coach use the French player. Mourinho and Solskjaer are both said to have failed to find the right position of Pogba compared to coach Deschamps at France. With the arrival of Pogba, the 4-2-2-2 formation can be brought back by coach Rangnick.

The first reason is that the French midfielder can take the position of 10 on the left. Pogba cannot compare in terms of speed with Sancho or Rashford but stands out in creativity. From overlapping, poking holes or switching wings, Pogba can do well.

Pogba’s almost perfect skill set also helps the German teacher easily switch to a 4-1-2-1-2 diamond formation. In fact, Ralf Rangnick did it against Aston Villa in the FA Cup. However, McTominay, Fred or Van De Beek cannot be compared with Pogba in the left shuttle midfield position.

Even if Ralf Ranick accepts the kick with the current 4-3-3 formation, Pogba is also the perfect piece for the left-sided midfield position. However, it will be a very adventurous choice because the defensive task will weigh heavily on the anchor midfielder taken by the “old man” Matic. Ralf Rangnick probably only chooses this option when MU needs to attack in a position that has nothing to lose.

In addition, the German teacher can use Pogba in the position of left-wing striker in a 4-2-3-1 formation like Solskjaer did in a number of matches at the beginning of the season. The French midfielder has done very well and most of Pogba’s assists in the Premier League have come during this time.

Unfortunately, Solskjaer did not choose to develop the squad in this direction, but tried to use wingers like Sancho or Greenwood. For a master of strategy like Rangnick, it is not a dream that he successfully “transformed” the idea of ​​his predecessor.

Obviously, Pogba is a very noticeable “reinforcement” of MU in the near future. However, how to use this midfielder well has always been a difficult problem at MU over the years. Can Rangnick handle it?