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Ms. Pang was used by scammers

07 Aug 2022 | 17:46 | Football

Recently, a series of posters inviting Ms. Pang to invest in virtual currencies and financial investments have increasingly appeared on social networks. The truth is that many people believe these ad words, leading to the end of the money lost.

After all, Madam Pang suffered a lot when her image was affected. The female billionaire had to clarify that she does not have any financial investment projects or any idea of ​​inviting people to put their money into financial channels.

The head of delegation emphasized: “The crooks cut Pang’s image and words into words in order to spread and lure people into financial transactions.

Note that this has nothing to do with Ms. Peng. Don’t be fooled and don’t take any action based on these ads. “.

Ms. Pang was used by scammers - 1

Fraudsters create posters with images of Ms. Peng to attract financial investment

At the same time, Ms. Pang also announced that she would ask the police to intervene.: “In order to protect innocent people from scammers, we will do our best to take legal action. This is necessary to limit the damage these ads can cause”.

Ms Pang is the next victim after Worrawoot Srimaka. The former Thailand U23 coach was also in trouble a month ago, with scammers using his image to advertise the youth tournament. They require teams to pay registration fees, a total amount equivalent to hundreds of millions of Vietnamese dong.

When Worrawoot Srimaka and Thailand U23 played in the Asian U23 Championship in Uzbekistan, their performance was more complicated. So he didn’t know he was being used. When he got home and received a lot of questions from the team, Worrawoot Srimaka finally figured it out.

He immediately called for a police investigation, but so far nothing has come of it. The situation with Ms. Pang is similar. At this time, many people heard that scammers put money into financial investment channels.