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Mr Park Heng Swee will not interfere with the work of the new Vietnam U23 coach

20 Jun 2022 | 17:08 | Football

I’m not the right person to answer this question. The U23 Vietnam team will appoint a new coach in the Asian U23 Championships. He is an excellent coach, each with a different tactical and managerial inclination. So, I don’t know how Vietnam U23 will play.

The current problem is that Vietnamese U23 players are not allowed to play in domestic leagues.match as sea ​​games an opportunity for them to progress and develop.I think the U23s will do well”, shared coach Park Heng-seo when asked about the balance of power between U23 Vietnam and U23 Thailand in the next Asian U23 Championships in nearly two weeks time.

Mr Park Heng Swee will not interfere in the work of the new U23 Vietnam coach - 1

Vietnam U23 won the championship.

At the 31st Southeast Asian Games, the U23 Vietnam team won the championship without conceding a goal. For nearly 900 minutes, on the playground of the SEA Games, Coach Park Hengrui’s team did not have to score the ball. Defense remains the strongest point for Park’s team.

After the 31st SEA Games, coach Park Hengrui will no longer be the leader of Vietnam’s U23s, but will give way to his successor Kong Wujun. According to Coach Park, Mr. Gong Wujun will have his own coaching philosophy. He respects this and will not interfere with the profession.

Every coach has his own philosophy, style of play and selection method, so I can’t help him select players for the U23 Vietnam team. However, I can help him with information about Vietnamese culture or player characteristics.I think the media should also reduce the pressure on coach Gong Wujun“, commented Coach Park Hengrui.

Mr Park Heng Swee will not interfere in the work of the new U23 Vietnam coach - 2

Coach Park Hang Seo takes Vietnam U23s to the SEA Games Championship for the second time.

The 63-year-old military leader also believes that the competition between Vietnamese football and Thai football will promote the development of football in both countries.

Every team in any region has a strange relationship with an opponent, not just Vietnam-Thailand but Indonesia-Malaysia, that will drive those football platforms, and the region as a whole. It’s a very good thing and brings maturity to the team of the future. “Mr. Park stressed.

Hong Nan