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More than 1,000 athletes and coaches participate in the 2022 National Taekwondo Championships for All Ages

10 Jul 2022 | 16:33 | Football

More than 1,000 coaches, athletes and officials from 43 provinces and cities participated in the national Taekwondo Championships for all ages – CJ Cup 2022. The competition was held in Ho Chi Minh City from July 7th to April 7th.

Athletes will compete in 3 age groups: 12-14, 15-17 and 18-20. Especially the 15-17 and 18-20 years old games will use electronic warfare to calculate the points. The outstanding athletes of this event will be selected for the national youth team to participate in the Bulgaria World Youth Championship at the end of July and the Ho Chi Minh City Asian Youth Championship in August 2022. .HCM and ready to complement the strength of the national team.

Taekwondo is a martial arts sport that originated in South Korea. It has been introduced to Vietnam for more than 60 years and has been widely internationalized. It has been included in the official competitions of international sports events such as the Asian Games and the Southeast Asian Games.

Over 1,000 athletes and coaches compete in 2022 National Taekwondo Championships - 1

Li Thi Huang Yan, deputy director of the General Administration of Sports, announced the match at a press conference.

In Vietnam, under the guidance and management of the General Administration of Sports and the Vietnam Taekwondo Federation, Taekwondo has been vigorously developed in many provinces, cities and industries, and has brought many medals and gold medals in international sports events.

As a sports professional social organization responsible for the socialization of this martial arts, over the years, the Vietnam Taekwondo Federation has expanded its cooperation with many domestic and foreign partners.

The Vietnam Taekwondo Federation and CJ Group signed a cooperation agreement in 2017. The sponsorship includes the payment of wages for Korean experts who select and train Vietnamese Taekwondo athletes, and sponsorship of meals, accommodation, training clothes, and transportation for coaches and athletes during training. In Korea, sponsorship bonuses…

This collaboration over the years has yielded very real results, including helping the national taekwondo team win a spot. Tokyo Olympics In 2020, won the Asian gold medal, won many medals in invited international competitions, world championships…especially in the 31st Southeast Asian Games with 9 gold medals and won the team first…

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