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Manchester United too weak to make up their minds to keep Ronaldo

07 Jul 2022 | 16:21 | Football

Cristiano Ronaldo is yet to return to Manchester United’s training ground, although the squad gathered yesterday (April 7) to prepare for the summer tour. The Portugal forward was on leave for family reasons but was spotted at the Portugal team’s training centre.

Unlike Cristiano Ronaldo who came forward to correct transfer rumors in the summer of 2021, this time the 37-year-old superstar chose to remain silent.follow daily mail, Ronaldo is training alone to stay fit.former striker real Madrid I want to leave as soon as possible, as long as I can go to a big club and have a chance to fight for titles and play in the Champions League.

Manchester United too weak to make up their minds to keep Ronaldo - 1

Ronaldo wants to leave Manchester United.

According to the page Manchester Evening Newsreason Manchester United Cristiano Ronaldo was not spared, because the striker still brought great image value. Last season, Fanatics reported that Ronaldo’s No. 7 jersey was sold in a single day, killing other sports legends such as Lionel Messi (PSG) or LeBron James (Los Angeles Lakers). ).

The “Red Devils” are about to release a new jersey, so the club’s leadership wants Ronaldo to stay and increase his income.Unanticipated Economic Loss Champions League This season has left United wanting more to get a slice of shirt sales and advertising revenue, but Ronaldo’s image has played a big role.

However, daily mail The more important reason for United to keep Ronaldo is thought to be because the team was not ready for the prospect of parting ways with their No. 1 star. These are not strikers.

With Cavani parting ways and Mason Greenwood unaware of a return date following the beating girlfriend scandal, United have a very thin front line. The “Red Devils” only have Anthony Martial, Marcus Rashford, Anthony Elanga and Jadon Sancho in attack. None of them are strikers who regularly score 25-30 goals a season like Ronaldo.

Elanga or Sancho are too young to take on the attack and Rashford and Martial are already dizzy. “Without Ronaldo, maybe coach Ten Haag would be looking at United’s squad and wondering which player has scored for the team this season?‘, commented The Mirror.

Manchester United too weak to make up their minds to keep Ronaldo - 2

Ten witches’ plans could be upended because of Ronaldo.

Ronaldo, 37, is unfit for the central role of Ajax coach Ten Hag in the energy and pace system. But Ronaldo guarantees the number of goals. No matter how good the strategy is, what matters is the goal. No player embodies this element more than Ronaldo.

However, keeping Ronaldo is only a short-term solution. Cristiano Ronaldo’s poor performance last season can bring temporary benefits, but it is a narcotic that cannot completely solve the pain. Which big club in the world relies on a 37-year-old like Manchester United now?

Neil Warnock, former coach Leeds Manchester United and Crystal Palace commented: “I don’t think coach Ten Haag is too worried if Ronaldo leaves. He’s a great player, but the leader of the team needs to show support to his coach.Teams should recruit the players Ten Haag needs“.

The 37-year-old, the anchor of Ronaldo, has unlimited desires. However, Ronaldo’s desire for Manchester United is no longer strong.

Famed author Martin Samuel commented: “Manchester United’s brand is not enough to keep Ronaldo. Every player wants trophies and glory, not just money or jerseys. There is no shortage of clubs that can pay a lot of money. What about Manchester United? They have made more appearances in the Europa League than the Champions League in the past five years, and Ronaldo has never played a second game in this second-tier European playground.“.

Manchester United too weak to make up their minds to keep Ronaldo - 3

Ronaldo loves the Champions League more than Manchester United?

Ronaldo wanted to leave Manchester United 14 years ago but decided to take Sir Alex Ferguson’s advice and stay for an extra season before coming to Real Madrid. But Manchester United were still the big names back then. Ronaldo just wants to go to bigger teams to boost his ambition to conquer the top.

And now, Ronaldo wants to leave United, and wherever he goes… it’s fine, even if it’s Chelsea – Manchester Red’s opponent. Jorge Mendes’ talks with chairman Todd Boyly (Chelsea) have shown that Ronaldo only needs to play in the Champions League and the rest is to play for opponents, and facing his old club directly is not his concern.

Ronaldo’s reluctance shows that the Manchester United brand has dropped in price, but if every effort is made to retain a player who indirectly ignores the club’s ambitions, the “Red Devils” will depreciate even more.

Handing over the scepter to the Dutch military leader, the “Red Devils” should have the courage to change and give young players a chance to truly yearn for the club’s color. Sir Alex Ferguson used to be a success for the little-known generation in 1992, but he is unconditionally in love with Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs, Nicky Butt, Gary Nye Will and others.

United should return to such core values ​​instead of chasing halo, luxury brands as they have done for the past nine years.

Hong Nan