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Manchester United legend calls on Frenkie de Jong to sue Barcelona

29 Jul 2022 | 17:22 | Football

Frankie de Jong should be sued Barcelona Many other players should do the same. It is unethical and against the law for a team to use money to buy new players without paying the salary of their current contract. I think the World Association of Professional Footballers should stop and stop this. ” Gary Neville is stern on his personal Twitter page.

Statement by former defender Manchester United It comes at a time when the Red Devils are showing signs of ‘tiring’ over the Frenkie de Jong deal. The Manchester Red Devils have been “baking” for more than two months so far. However, apart from a “price deal” with Barcelona, ​​there has been no positive outcome so far. Manchester United will pay 75 million euros and 10 million euros in add-ons to own the Dutch star.

Manchester United legend calls on Frenkie de Jong to sue Barca - 1

Frenkie de Jong has been advised to sue Barca.

But everyone understands that the reason why Frenkie de Jong did not leave the Catalonia team is simply a question of money. De Jong, like many other players, has taken a pay cut at Barca due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, he did not lose the money. The reduced amount will be reimbursed in the next year of the contract.

Specifically, De Jong lost a total of £13.7 million in salary over the 2 years of the pandemic. Also, under the terms of his contract, he has yet to receive a bonus of up to £3.4m for playing enough games. That doesn’t include the £5million amount, known as a “loyalty fee”, which is the full length of his contract he received while playing for Barcelona. If you sell De Jong this transfer window, Barcelona won’t have to pay a “loyalty fee” for the Dutch midfielder.

So far, Frenkie de Jong has not taken any legal action against the hosts. He implicitly announced that he would stay at Barca. De Jong’s steadfastness could lead to many financial difficulties for Barca. This team will not be able to register all rookies. Selling De Jong is the perfect solution for Barcelona, ​​Manchester United or the midfielder himself.

Mai Fang