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‘Manchester United became a grave for players’

18 Aug 2022 | 18:15 | Football

one of the problems Manchester United The last 10 years have been a series of fluctuations in coaching chairs and development strategies“, Neville shared daily mail August 15th. “Manchester United became the grave of the players. Bruno Fernandes and Zlatan Ibrahimovic are rare additions that have been successful after spending £1.25bn on the transfer market over the years.“.

Since 2013, daily mail An estimated 33 players have been recruited by United, but only a few have shown value. Neville divided these players into 3 groups: success, normal and failure.

Ander Herrera, Luke Shaw, Nemanja Matic, Juan Mata… are the players classified as successful, second only to Ibrahimovic and Fernandes. As far as Ronaldo is concerned, the former Manchester United defender sees the Portuguese striker as somewhere between success and a normal contract. Neville says the Portuguese superstar’s recent departure from the striker has reduced the striker’s value.

The remaining 75% of players are considered losers, while 20% are normal signings“, Neville said.Only 4-5% of transactions are valid for MU.The team’s scouting team is doing badly“.

Neville: 'Manchester United became a grave for players' - 1

Bruno Fernandes is one of Neville’s few signings. Photo: Reuters.

According to Neville, players must now carefully consider moving to MU. The squad at Old Trafford is too messy and has no solid structure.

It is also difficult for the “Red Devils” to convince stars to play. In the 2022 summer transfer window, MU brought 3 contracts, namely Lisandro Martinez, Tyrell Malacia and Christian Eriksen. That wasn’t enough to satisfy the home team’s fans.

Neville went on to say that coach Eric Ten Haag is not getting the best support from the leadership. “We have to ask who is influencing the transfer of the team“, the former defender said.Ten Hager is a great coach. Over the past few years, he has proven his abilities. However, perhaps Ten Haig was shocked that MU failed to bring in the players he wanted. “.

Latest news: Mourinho contacted to buy striker Jamie Vardy Leicester City. daily mail Describing the “Red Devils” as “reckless” in their search for a good striker. Besides Vardy, MU has also targeted Alvaro Morata (Atlético de Madrid) or Raul De Tomas (España).