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Malaysia U19 coach congratulates Vietnam U19, reminds host Indonesia to respect the law

16 Jul 2022 | 16:48 | Football

At the press conference ahead of the semi-final against Vietnam U19, Malaysia U19 coach Sazari Varas took questions from Indonesian reporters about the group ranking. This problem stems from the fact that the home team, Indonesia U19, was eliminated due to their inferior record against Vietnam U19 and Thailand U19.

Coach Waras replied: “We have to respect the rules. The rules are made and accepted before the game starts.”

After Indonesia’s U19 elimination, the team’s head coach, Mr. Shin Tae-yong, expressed his opposition to a head-to-head ranking method. The South Korean leader believes that the AFF needs to follow the big game and use goal difference as a secondary indicator to classify teams by points. However, in fact, apart from the World Cup, the sub-index still applies to goal difference, and UEFA (UEFA) and Asia (AFC) matches still count towards the match record.

Malaysia U19 coach congratulates Vietnam U19, reminds host Indonesia to respect law - 1

Malaysia U19 coach Waras (left) and Vietnam U19 coach Dinh The Nam

In the group stage of the AFC U19 competition in 2022, Vietnam U19, Thailand U19 and Indonesia U19 all scored 11 points in a direct confrontation (each team scored 2 points). However, the Indonesia U19s failed to score any goals against Vietnam U19s and Thailand U19s. Meanwhile, U19 Vietnam and U19 Thailand drew 1-1 in the previous match.

Indonesia U19 was eliminated tragically and did not accept this result. Not only fans and media from the Kuril Islands protested, but even the Indonesian Football Association (PSSI) announced that they would complain because they believed that Vietnam U19 and Thailand U19 did not play their best level and deliberately kept the score at 1-1. Destroy the home team.

Also at the press conference before the semi-finals, head coach Sazali Varas congratulated the Vietnam U19s. As a strong team in Group A, Vietnam U19 will face Malaysia U19 in the first semi-final tomorrow (July 13) at 15:30.

“Congratulations to Vietnam U19 for reaching the semi-finals”said the Malaysia U19 head coach.

“Vietnam U19 is a capable team with a lot of good people. Their tactics are quite good when they are playing, and the tactics are established from defense to effective attack. U19 Vietnam has some experienced players. By observing , I’ve seen some players appear in the U23 team recently.

Song Yu