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“Losing is losing, no excuses”

07 Jun 2022 | 16:15 | Football

“Everyone is sad. But losing is losing, there is no excuse.” Ms. Nualphan Lamsam, head of the U23 team in Thailand, shared.The Golden Temple team lost 0-1 first U23 Vietnam In the men’s football final of the 31st Southeast Asian Games, Thai football failed to win a gold medal in the men’s and women’s events at the two consecutive Southeast Asian Games.

The silver medal was a loss for the Thailand U23s as the team was determined to win. The Football Association of Thailand (FAT) even sent the national team head coach Mr. Alexandre Polking to lead the U23 team to participate in the 31st Southeast Asian Games, so the second place result was not enough to meet the expectations of Thai commentators. …

Thai female U23 leader:

The female head of Thailand’s U23 delegation is in a down mood after the home team’s defeat. (Photo: Nan Nguyen)

“A lot of people may feel dissatisfied, in fact, Thailand U23 had more possession but lost the header. I feel guilty and the whole team. I think everyone tried their best, but failed to achieve the dream of winning the gold. I am the team leader and have to apologize to all the Thai fans for not being able to take back the gold medal.”said Ms Nualphan Lamsam.

Thai female billionaire assessment, U23 Vietnam team has home field advantage and careful preparation. At the same time, the strength of Thailand U23 is not the strongest, because some clubs do not give up players to join the SEA Games. However, the women’s team leader Thailand U23 did not think this was the main reason for the home team’s defeat.

“Vietnamese football has been suspended for a long time to prepare the team, but this is not an excuse for our failure. Football has both winners and losers, congratulations to Vietnam U23 for winning the gold medal in Southeast Asia.“, said Mrs Nualphan Lamsam.

“Thank you all for your support. Sorry for not being able to bring back the gold medal. We understand that the gold medal in football at the SEA Games is very important. We are open to criticism. Keep improving.”