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Live Football Haiphong vs Ping Dinh Round 8 V League 2022

22 Jul 2022 | 17:03 | Football

  • the game is over

    Haiphong 3-1 Ping Ding

    Haiphong is back at the top of the table.

  • Enter!Haiphong score

    Haiphong 3-1 pacify

    Rio Mario is easily wobbly. Binh Dinh’s defense continued to underperform. Trieu Viet Hung broke through the box with ease and finished the game. Rio Mario was uninjured in the case of the kickback.

  • After Nguyen Xuan Tu comes on the court, Ping Dinh may increase the number of crosses. Haiphong also responded by bringing in Dung Quang Nho to replace Hoang Thai Binh at left-back.

  • Opportunities in Haiphong

    Haihui completed the goal. Haiphong had 2 dangerous counterattacks in a few minutes. As Binh Dinh boosted the squad’s offense, their weak defense exposed more and more space.

  • chance of pacification

    Hendrio’s shot missed. Binh Dinh’s No. 10 midfielder did not pass the ice to his teammates easily on the right.

  • Enter!Settle down the score

    Haiphong 2-1 pacify

    Schmidt released the ball within reach, allowing He Tantai to finish.

    Live Football Haiphong vs Pingding Round 8 V-League 2022 - 1

    He Tantai and Schmidt’s defense is not good, but they shine on the scoring table.

  • Second round begins

    Ping was replaced. Dang Van Tram, Mac Hong Quan left the field to make way for Le Ngoc Bao and Tran Van Trung. Van Tram error led to the visiting team’s second goal. Meanwhile, McHongquan and his teammates were underwhelming in midfield.

  • End of first round

    Haiphong 2-0 pacified

    PES Haiphong vs Pingding Round 8 V League 2022 - 2

    Haiphong took advantage of good chances, while the pacified defense was terrible. (Photo: Nghi Lam)

  • chance of pacification

    Hendrio bounced off Deqing before launching a dangerous shot. Sea defense goalkeeper saves.

  • chance of pacification

    The visiting team arranged a nice corner kick, but Li Cong Huang Ying missed it.

  • Enter!Haiphong doubles the spread

    Haiphong 2-0 to settle

    Haihui scored. Binh Dinh’s defense was once again poorly defended and had a personal turnover. Dang Van Tram made a misjudgment, allowing Chau Ngoc Quang to steal the ball to create a chance.

  • chance of pacification

    The visiting team started well. Lynch built a wall for Ha Duc Chinh, allowing him to complete a shot without hitting the target.

  • Coach Duc Thang adjusted the lineup. The two central defenders, Ding Zhong and Yang Qinghao, switched positions. Hendrio went in the middle and Ly Cong Hoang Anh pulled to the border.

    Video: Haiphong’s Limario scores

  • Binh Dinh is not good at keeping the team apart. They left too much of a gap between the third line and the two centre-backs screened against the side kickers when the defence was not good either.

  • Enter!Haiphong opens the scoring

    Haiphong 1-0 to settle

    Remario calmly receives the ball and hits the ball on the leveled net. The home team’s forward was not targeted even when he was standing in front of the goal. Adriano Schmidt’s positioning and judgment are terrible.

    PES Haiphong vs Pingding Round 8 V-League 2022 - 3

    Rio Mario’s seventh goal in the 2022 V-League. (Photo: Nghi Lam)

  • Opportunities in Haiphong

    Nguyen Hai Huy plays oil in an unaccompanied position. Goalkeeper Tran Dinh Minh Hoang of Binh Dinh catches the ball.

  • Opportunities in Haiphong

    Chau Ngoc Quang steals the ball and plays open for Rimario Gordon. The Jamaican forward continues to show a strong ability to finish tight corners.

  • Binh Dinh plays in a 3-5-2 formation. Hendrio is on the left flank, which could be a weak defensive area for the visitors. The foreign soldiers trained in the La Masia furnace are offensive players.

  • Game start

    Haiphong 0-0 pacified

  • Zhou Yuguang returned to the Haiphong team. Coach Chu Dinh Nghiem has access to Ports’ strongest midfielder. Compared to the previous two losses, it could be different for the home team.

    The main stone list of Binh Dinh is named Tran Dinh Trong. The midfielder has just returned from injury.

    PES Haiphong vs Ping Ding Round 8 V League 2022 - 4

    Haiphong vs Pingding Lineup

  • Haiphong vs Binh Dinh Review

    Haiphong no longer occupies the top spot.The Ports had just lost 2 games in a row 1-2 Hanoi Football Club and Vettel. What the two games have in common is that Haiphong conceded first, then equalised and then lost the decisive goal.

    These failures are not surprising, even Zhu Dingning, the head coach of the port team, predicted this in advance. He said that when facing a strong team, Haiphong will not only lose 2 games, but lose up to 4 rounds.

    PES Haiphong vs Pingding Round 8 V League 2022 - 5

    Binh Dinh (blue shirt) eliminated Haiphong in the 2022 Nations Cup.

    Going into a series of difficult games, Haiphong began to show weakness. The strength of the team is weak, and when the pillar is absent, they do not have enough quality personnel to meet the tactical requirements of the head coach.

    On the other side of the front line, Ping Ding has been unbeaten since a first-round loss. So far, the army led by coach Nguyen Duc Thanh is unbeaten in 6 consecutive games (4 wins and 2 draws).

    The weakness that head coach Nguyen Duc Thang has to improve for the home team may be in defence. The tie has not kept a clean sheet in the V-League in 2022. In the 3 games after the break, they all conceded after leading and lost 2 victories.

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