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“It’s time for me to find a new destination”

17 Aug 2022 | 18:13 | Football

Thank you Cerezo Osaka, the coaching staff and teammates. The time spent training and competing in a professional environment has been the most precious and quality time of my career. The Japanese environment helped Lin improve himself professionally and become more professional.It’s time for me to find a new place to do my best on the field“, Van Lam shared on his personal page after signing with Binh Dinh Club.

Last night, August 15th, Peace Club It was confirmed that they had secured the services of Dang Van Lam under a 3.5-year contract. Fan Lin received the highest salary and “rice field” fee in today’s V-League. The home team at Quy Nhon Stadium defeated the Ho Chi Minh City club in the competition for the national team player.

Goalkeeper Dang Van Lam:

Dang Van Lam said goodbye to Cerezo Osaka.

After more than 3 years of competition abroad, Deng Wenlin decided to return to China. Before moving to the famous Japanese team Osaka Sakura, he played a successful football with Mengtong United.

Fan Lin, however, was unable to compete for official positions with his Japanese and Korean colleagues. He only made 2 appearances for Cerezo Osaka in the Emperor’s Cup and the AFC Champions League. Fan Lin is mainly sitting on the bench.This is understandable when the gap between levels vietnamese football There is still a long way to go with the top football platform in the mainland.

Back in Vietnam, Fan Lin will have plenty of opportunities to show what he can do when the goalkeeper position is seen as pacifying the club’s weaknesses. Goalkeepers such as Tuyen Quang and Minh Hoang have only good expertise, making it difficult to meet the demands of a team aiming for a V-League title.

In the 13th round, Binh Dinh Club played against Thanh Hoa Club at home. This may be Dang Van Lam’s first match with the new team. Thanh Hoa Club did not have a strong attack, but it was the team with the most solid defense in this tournament. Coach Perovic’s teachers and students have conceded only seven goals after 12 rounds. It was not easy for the Binh Dinh club to win 3 points ahead of the guests.

Mai Fang