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“It is an honor to wear the armband of the U23 Vietnam captain”

12 May 2022 | 14:57 | Football

It is my honor to be named captain.I’m like Tien Linh, Hoang Duc or Van Toan and some experienced players Sea Games 31 There will be support for new young players, especially those playing this tournament for the first time. We will try to support each other in every way possible, allowing the entire team to adapt to the weather and race conditions to achieve the best possible results.”, shared by Hung Dung during the afternoon training session on April 15.

Hung Dung:

Hung Dung wears the U23 Vietnam captain’s armband.

As one of three players over the age of 23 to participate in the 31st Southeast Asian Games, Hong Yong was entrusted by coach Park Heng-seo to be the captain. In the 30th SEA Games, Hong Yong served as the vice captain, but due to Guang Hai’s injury, he wore the captain’s armband in the last 3 games of the U23 team.

talk about opponents U23 Vietnam At the 31st Southeast Asian Games, Hung Dung affirmed that Indonesia, Myanmar or the Philippines are all very strong.

The current Vietnamese group includes Indonesia, the Philippines and Myanmar. They will become direct competitors in the next stage with Vietnam. In fact, teams in Southeast Asia are well-prepared and determined to aim higher. Same as U23 Vietnam.

The entire team was supported by the VFF in order to be able to focus and be fully prepared to achieve the best results. The common goal of the VFF, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and all fans is to wish the Vietnam U23 a successful tournament.

U23 Vietnam is also very eager to do this.From day one, the entire team has been training hard and striving for success“, Hong Dong stressed.

Hung Dung:

VFF Acting President Tran Quoc Duan met and encouraged Vietnam U23s before the training session on the afternoon of April 15.

After a full day of rest and stability, the Vietnam U23 team returned to the training ground on the afternoon of April 15. Before the training, VFF Acting President Chen Guoduan met and encouraged the coach Park Hengrui and the spirit of the students.

VFF Acting Chairman Tran Quoc Duan shared the pressure on the team, because Vietnam will host the 31st Southeast Asian Games and Vietnam U23 will play as the defending champion of the men’s football team. Fans have great expectations for the team.

VFF Acting Chairman Chen Guoduan believes that through careful preparation in all aspects, as well as experienced players who have been trained by many large-scale international competition teams, Teacher Park Heng and student-seo will turn pressure into motivation and overcome every challenge. , so as to achieve the ultimate goal.

Mr. Tran Quoc Tuan said that Vietnam U23 will continue to be helped to prepare for the gold medal in the 31st Southeast Asian Games.