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Impressive defense, the level of coach Park Hyung-seo

12 Jun 2022 | 16:32 | Football

U23 Vietnam had a tough and strange game. Despite many doubts, coach Park Hengrui’s teachers and students still went straight to the podium after beating Thailand U23 1-0 last night (May 22).

The title of the U23 Vietnam Asian Games champion comes from many factors, mainly the methodical preparation process, the tried and tested defensive ability and the skilful management ability of the coach Park Hengrui in the case of limited resources.

Video: U23 Vietnam 1-0 U23 Thailand

Defensive class

The U23 Vietnam team still has limitations on offense, but on defense, Park Hengrui’s teachers and students had a wonderful game. Thanh Binh and his teammates became the first team to win the SEA Games (U23 only) without conceding a goal. In this year’s game, Van Toan’s goal was kept clean for the entire 570 minutes.

The U23 Vietnam team kept a clean sheet against the strongest young teams in Southeast Asia such as Thailand U23, Indonesia U23, and Malaysia U23. Including the 30th Southeast Asian Games, the U23 team kept a clean sheet for 6 consecutive games (lasting 750 minutes).

Defense continues to be the foundation of the team led by coach Park Heung-seo. In this game, he used a fixed 3-5-2 (5-3-2 when defending), using the centre-back trio of Viet Anh-Thanh Binh-Tien Long to defend in front of Van Toan’s goal.

In 2019, the U23 Vietnam team kept 5 clean sheets in 7 matches. Vietnam U23 also failed to score in the 2022 Asian U23 qualifiers.

U23 Vietnam wins SEA Games: Impressive defense, coach Park Heng-seo - 1

U23 Vietnam has a solid defense.

The U23 Vietnam team has always focused on solid football, approached cautiously, and then chose the timing to put pressure on their opponents. The certainty and discipline of the U23 Vietnam team on the defensive end is encouraging, especially in a young tournament like the SEA Games where there are many mistakes.

Head coach Park Heng Swee said that he was criticized for using a five-back system when he first took office, but now defense is the foundation of the success of the Vietnamese football team.He has built his own football philosophy that only suits the situation in Vietnam‘, confirmed assistant Le Huy Khoa.

The talent of coach Park Hyung-seo

From the perspective of potential, experience and courage, the current U23 generation is not as good as the U23 generation who created miracles in Changzhou or won the previous SEA Games.The students of Coach Park Heng-seo are in Sea Games 31 Most play in the First Division, or if they play in the V-League, they won’t find a place in the host club.

The COVID-19 epidemic has “frozen” many domestic and foreign competitions, making the competition opportunities for Vietnam’s U23 even narrower. Coach Park’s team had time to practice and prepare for the SEA Games, but most of them only conducted internal training and played 2 friendly matches before the game.

U23 Vietnam wins SEA Games: Impressive defense, coach Park Heng-seo - 2

Coach Park Heung-seo developed a reasonable strategy.

Coach Park Hyung-seo admitted that he could not improve his students in the short game. The gameplay has a lot of bugs, the stutter shows. However, South Korean leaders took advantage of the students and won.

That was to arrange for Nham Manh Dung to play high in the penalty area to take advantage of the fixed situation, alternating with Hoang Anh and Cong To to form a 3-man midfield with good ball control with seniors Hung Dung and Hoang. Germany, strengthen the defense to ensure that the goal is not lost first.

Coach Park Heng-seo not only has a strategy, but also adjusts his tactics appropriately every game. He is smart with limited resources.

Throughout the tournament, Vietnam U23 only revolved around 12-14 players, but it didn’t matter. Coach Park Hengrui knows Southeast Asian football too well to help Vietnam U23 not be at a disadvantage under any circumstances.

The level of the group is too old

The trio of Hung Dung, Hoang Duc and Tien Linh made a bold mark on their journey to the SEA Games 31 title in U23 Vietnam.

Hung Dung and Tien Linh scored 2 goals each, both in key games (against U23 Indonesia, U23 Myanmar, U23 Malaysia), while Hoang Duc did not score, but he also contributed actively all the way.

In the final, this group of overage players did not score, but it was the bravery and experience of Hong Yong or Huang De that helped Vietnam U23 withstand the pressure of Thailand U23.

U23 Vietnam wins SEA Games: Impressive defense, coach Park Heng-seo - 3

Hung Dung is the fulcrum of the U23 youth.

The stable situation of the overage trio’s bouncing, smashing or spinning the ball is the key for Vietnam U23 to gradually regain the score, and at the same time establish a solid counterattack defense before initiating punishment to become opponents.

Coach Park Hengrui’s choice of over-age players is correct. Just like the 30th SEA Games, the appearance of seniors will bring them lessons and experience of continuous improvement.

balloon weapon

Among the 8 goals scored by Vietnam U23s at the 31st Southeast Asian Games, if the first 4 goals were scored by sticky balls, the next 4 goals were all headers.

U23 Vietnam wins SEA Games: Impressive defense, coach Park Heng-seo - 4

Nham Manh Dung scored the only goal to help Vietnam U23 beat Thailand U23.

Coach Park Hengrui and Vietnam U23 awakened the air combat weapons that were overlooked in the first half. Tien Linh’s or Manh Dung’s headers represent the status of Vietnamese football, maturing both physically and in strength.

When the U23 Vietnam War cannot be coordinated in an orderly manner, a header is the shortest solution to a goal. Tianling and his teammates have done a good job in this regard and successfully defended their gold medals in the SEA Games.

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