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Idol Fan Toan reveals the secret to becoming a “young king”

26 Jul 2022 | 17:17 | Football

After winning five top scorer titles at the U17, U19 and U21 levels, Nguyen Quoc Viet has reached another milestone in a promising career. The striker, born in 2003, became the Vietnamese striker who won the top scorer title of the Southeast Asia U19 Championship with five goals in nine years, helping Vietnam U19 win the third place in the final.

and. .share VTC NewsQuoc Viet on the secret to training to be a top striker, and a model for the future.

continue the passion

Nutifood Academy’s national U19 semi-final against Hanoi took place in April, and 10 fans showed up in the stands at PVF Stadium, watching the game closely and cheering the players. Cheers continued throughout the game, but always louder every time Nutifood Academy’s striker Nguyen Quoc Viet touched the ball.

The group of 10 cheerleaders are relatives of Quoc Viet. Three generations in the family: grandmother, grandmother, father, mother, brothers and sisters appeared in the PVF stands that day to cheer for the Guoyue team.

Quoc Viet’s career has been marked by his family. “In the first few days, my parents let me practice football to keep fit and live a healthy lifestyle, but the more I practiced, the more interested I became.

Some days I kick so hard that my toenails pop out. Back then, barefoot kicks, but no shoes like today.It hurts, but get up, bandage your feet, wipe off blood and sweat, and keep kicking‘, the 19-year-old striker still remembers the days when he first got acquainted with the ball.

Nguyen Quoc Viet: Complete Idol, Reveals the Secret to Becoming a 'Young King' - 1

Quoc Viet (No. 9) in the U19 Vietnam jersey.

Fortunately for Quoc Viet, the 19-year-old striker’s family supported his child’s participation in sport. Father Quoc Viet leads an amateur football team. Every time he goes to work, he takes his son to the training ground with him. Watching his seniors play football, Guoyue went “crazy”.

After a few days of traveling with his father, Quoc Viet is focused on football again. Every time the ball sticks to his feet, Viet doesn’t give it a second thought. The world in Vietnam is all about balls, goals and passion.

This growing enthusiasm made me think: Or try the football path? It’s as simple as that when I was a kid. My first dream wasn’t football, but when I fell in love with it, I couldn’t stop.No matter what career I’m in, I just want to make my parents proud“, Quoc Viet added.

Guoyue chose football, and football did not disappoint the striker.

The turning point is HAGL Jiangling

In the first course of the HAGL JMG Academy, which was coached by head coach Guillaume Graechen 15 years ago, there were players such as Fan Quan and Fan Qing who were discovered when they played in the Haiyang youth team.

Graechen’s “young bamboo shoots” charm in Haiyang was followed by the Quoc Viet case in 2016, when the striker, born in 2003, was the key to helping U13 Haiyang win the 2016 National U13 Championship. .

It was his performance that convinced head coach Graechen. Immediately after the Junior Championships, the Haiphong native was recruited into the HAGL JMG Academy.

At the age of 13, Quoc Viet left his family and found his passion in new horizons. The night before packing up to go to Gia Lai, Guo Yue couldn’t sleep.

I’m so happy, I just want to jump when I know I’ve been accepted to HAGL JMG Academy, but happy but worriedNot much. Football is destructive, I understand that. It will be very competitive because not only am I passionate about football, but many of my peers have the same dream of success.

I practiced again, played away from my family, went to a completely unfamiliar place, didn’t know who my friends and teammates were and what I was going through. But football is my passion and my father’s.That’s what I think, and then tell myself not to give up no matter how hard it is“, Quoc Viet affirms.

Video: The talent of Nguyen Quoc Viet

Quoc Viet’s early days at HAGL JMG were not easy. At U13 Hai Duong, Quoc Viet was the star, but at HAGL JMG, coach Graechen has hundreds or more of kids with that potential. Entering professional football roulette, players must play, compete and fight, and Guoyue is “overwhelmed”.

With this striker in 2003, football is no longer a question of liking or not, but a path he pursued without fear of hardships, and strengthened his determination to work hard to the end.

At the beginning, the practice here, the competition, I was overwhelmed. Everything was fast, standard and orderly, which made me feel like I entered another world. But behind me is my family. Every day, my parents call me to encourage me and want me to work hard every day.Keep working hard and the results will come”, recalls Quoc Viet.

On this path, everyone wants to be a good player. I chose the striker position and was determined to do well.But you don’t want to get it right away, you have to try it bit by bit“.

Quoc Viet’s ascent bears the stamp of coach Graechen. In just a few games, the French specialist has seen dynamism, explosiveness and intelligence in his pupils. However, Mr. Jom did not incorporate Quoc Viet into training mode like Van Toan.

He shared: “Viet and Toan play different styles of football. Toan needs 4 to 5 chances to score 1 goal, while Vietnam is 1 chance, 1 goal. That’s why Toan has to drift off the border now. However, judging from the movement of these two players, there are still similarities. The Vietnam War may not be as fast as Toan, but the scoring performance is higher.“.

Coach Graechen asked Quoc Viet to practice shooting in a row. Left-footed shot, right-footed shot, headed long-range shot, against the wall. “Teacher Jom is very attentive and strict. My every move, the teacher carefully observes, constantly shaping and correcting. From the way I lift my foot, lean forward, or catch the ball, every time I don’t do it well, he stops to correct it, and so on until it’s right.”, recalls Quoc Viet.

Nguyen Quoc Viet: Complete Idol, Reveals the Secret to Becoming a 'Young King' - 2

Quoc Viet (yellow jersey) got into a fight with Tien Long of Hanoi.

When Quoc Viet scored a hat-trick to help Nutifood Academy (transferred from HAGL) beat Khanh Hoa 5-1, Mr Jom half-jokingly said Quoc Viet should have scored seven goals. The French expert is strict because he believes his students have special qualities. What’s more, Quoc Viet knows how to hone his position and accomplish self-improvement.

I get up earlier than you, practice later than you, and even on the days off the team, on rainy days, I’m ready to take my shoes to practice. I don’t allow myself to be lazy. After training sessions and weekends, I worked on my organizing skills. Sometimes I’ll shoot my shoes out and fall to the floor because I’m tired, but I’ll stand up again and shoot until I like it.“, Quoc Viet confirmed.

Idol Fantoan and Regret V League

Quoc Viet’s efforts paid off well, finishing as top scorer in the U17, U19 and U21 Championships. When asked about the most memorable goal, Guo Yue answered in the blink of an eye, and that was the goal in the national U21 final that helped Nutifood Academy U21 win the championship.

At that moment, Guoyue chose the right position, broke through the opponent, and scored a clever goal. The tenacity and perseverance at the last moment of the game embodies the unremitting efforts of Guoyue for 6 years, in an environment that the striker thinks he cannot survive.

The player in the No. 9 shirt can’t dribble or impress, but he knows how to do a striker’s most important job, scoring goals. Quoc Viet runs smart, knows how to find space and shoots very well.

Nguyen Quoc Viet: Complete Idol, Reveals the Secret to Becoming a 'Young King' - 3

Quoc Viet wants to play in the U20 World Cup.

In the Southeast Asian U19 Championship, Guo Yue’s 5 goals all came from quick and neat ball control. It’s also a nod to the 19-year-old striker on a bigger playing field, rather than just wreaking havoc in domestic competition.

I’m not oppressed by the title of “Young King” but see it as a push for more guidance.My career is still long and I need to work harder“, Quoc Viet affirms.

vietnamese football Such a fast and compact striker has been lacking so far. Tactical thinking is the springboard for Quoc Viet to raise the bar and become a good striker like the previous generation Cong Phuong and Van Toan. In particular, Quoc Viet has always regarded Van Toan as a model to look forward to.

V-League teams tend to use foreign forwards for overwhelming power. I don’t have those qualities, but I always try to learn from Van Torn to improve my agility, improve my smart motor skills and score goals. Toan is always a role model, a role model for me to learn from”, Quoc Viet emphasized.

In mid-July, Guoyue missed the chance to play in the 2022 V-League for HAGL as the striker was previously loaned to PVF by Nutifood Academy, but the game was over when Guoyue remained focused on the team. U19 participates in international competitions. Regulations do not allow Guoyue to transfer twice within a season, so the dream of the V-League has to be postponed.

I’m sorry if I said no I’d be lying. However, I’m not one to look back. I just want to focus all my energy on the Asian U20 qualifiers, or go a step further and continue the path of the U20 World Cup that my predecessors have taken.Difficulties will only make me stronger and harder”, concludes Quoc Viet.