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Guardiola’s failed gamble

19 Apr 2022 | 14:09 | Football

2-3 loss Manchester City Before Liverpool The 2021/22 FA Cup semi-final doesn’t tell the whole story of the game. On the evening of April 16 at Wembley, Manchester’s green half gave Liverpool dominance. Manchester City led 0-3 after just 45 minutes in the first Test. If ‘The Kop’ had a sharper forward, the Etihad could have lost a lot.

failed plan

Manchester City and Liverpool are expected to continue to perform at the same level of top football as they did last week. However, in the encounter at Wembley, only one team remained in shape and that was Liverpool. “The Kop” killed City in the first half. Coach Jurgen Klopp’s team didn’t give the opponent a chance on the ball.

Few have seen Pep Guardiola’s side overwhelmed as they were in the last game. The Catalan strategist has used a number of players who have often come off the bench when facing Liverpool.compared to the match against Atletico Madrid In midweek, Manchester City’s FA Cup semi-final starting lineup changed as many as seven times.

Guardiola's failed gamble - 1

Manchester City lost 2-3 to Liverpool in the 2021/22 FA Cup semi-final.

The decision to rotate was cited as the main reason for City’s loss. Zack Steffen, Nathan Ake, Oleksandr Zinchenko, Fernandinho or Jack Grealish start against Liverpool. These are good players, but they are not yet at a level of fair play with Liverpool, a team that is pretty much the strongest against Manchester City.

After the game, Pep clarified that with City’s tight schedule, he had no choice. “We have to play a lot of important games and keep moving over time,” Manchester City captain said. “That’s why I have to rotate players.”

Pep asserts:We conceded our first goal from set pieces (vs Manchester City – PV). Liverpool are very strong in this regard.The second goal was an accident“.

The Manchester City manager still protects his players. However, it’s hard for him to ignore the fact that the difference in qualification between the starters and substitutes is costing Manchester’s green half against Liverpool.

Ake lost in a spat with Ibrahima Konate on City’s first goal. The French midfielder has scored his third goal for Liverpool in the last four games. A detail-oriented person like Pep is well aware of Konat’s aerial combat prowess. But there’s nothing he can do when City’s players aren’t as good as their opponents.

Ake has not yet reached the level of Rubendias. Zinchenko struggled to face Mohamed Salah and Liverpool’s playful attacking players. In the middle, Fernandinho failed to help Manchester City dominate the game.

Goalkeeper Stephen’s fiasco goal partly reflects the level of Manchester City’s reserves. There’s a reason Pep used Steph, but City fans shouldn’t forget that manager Klopp was careful to use Alisson Becker instead of Kelleher in opposition goals.

The 23-year-old goalkeeper can start in the Carabao Cup or the FA Cup. However, when Liverpool faced a powerhouse like Manchester City in the FA Cup semi-final, manager Klopp had to put Alisson on the pitch. The Brazilian goalkeeper made at least two fine saves to keep Liverpool from conceding a goal against Manchester City.

“The Kop” also experienced a tense match against Benfica in the Champions League midweek. But manager Klopp still launched the strongest lineup in the FA Cup semi-final.

As a result, Pep’s excuses about the schedule become less convincing. Alan Shearer says Guardiola’s bet on Liverpool has failed. ‘Klopp made the right decision to play Allison instead of Kelleher’, Analysis of the former England striker. “Pep took a bet on replacing Ederson with Stephen and paid for it.”

Guardiola's failed gamble - 2

Stephen made an unforgivable mistake at the top level.

A week ago, Stephen was in a similar situation to Edson. Both Manchester City goalkeepers received the ball in similar positions and angles. Ederson, however, showed his level when he touched the ball, enough to get out of the close quarters of Liverpool players. Stephen had even worse catches, so he conceded a ball.


Manchester City’s three-peat this season’s ambitions have fallen through, and Pep has a lot of work to do ahead of big games Champions League and the upcoming Premier League. The team at the Etihad Stadium showed signs of declining form.

After the second leg of this season’s Champions League quarter-finals, Pep claimed that City would never win the European title if they continued their second-half game against Atletico Madrid. The Etihad Stadium team played well against Liverpool in the Premier League last week, but were overwhelmed when they faced Atletico Madrid in Spain.

After the first half, a tired Manchester City easily gave Liverpool a 0-3 lead. Substitutes may be a big reason, but City’s other mainstays are also playing to their strengths.

Jack Grealish, the most expensive player in Manchester City’s history, is underwhelming when he gets his chance.former star Aston Villa The score cut it to 1-3, but his overall performance wasn’t great. This is what worries Pep.

The Spaniard has said Manchester City paid up to £100m for Grealish because he believes the England player “can make a difference when needed”.

Can Manchester City rely on other attacking stars without De Bruyne and Foden or Sterling?when facing royal house Madrid In the semi-final, teams at the Etihad Stadium were not allowed to make mistakes or squander as many chances as they did at the start of the season.

Losing to Liverpool will affect City’s spirit. However, it was also a lesson that helped Pep realize many problems. An FA Cup defeat is still easier for City fans to accept than second in the Premier League this season, or continuing to hold a grudge in the Champions League.