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Guanghai is majestic and a little “crazy”

10 Aug 2022 | 17:52 | Football

In Ligue 2’s second game, Nguyen Quang Hai was used in Pau’s starting line-up by coach Didier Tholot when he met Dijon at the Stade de Hameau. While playing at home, Paul could only score one point after the 0-0 draw.

Gwanghae’s most striking mark was a beautiful shot in the first half that went wide, and if the goal was successful, it would definitely be a masterpiece by No. 19, but this performance still took the audience by surprise.

Even the French commentator of the game had to say: “It’s epic, it’s kind of crazy“. Also during the game, the French commentator repeatedly mentioned the Vietnamese rookie.

French commentator: Guanghai is majestic and a little

Guanghai’s “reversing” stage

In the 68th minute, Guanghai left the field to make way for Sevit. Therefore, after 2 games, Guanghai played more than 90 minutes and performed well.

French media also commented that Guanghai’s debut in front of the home team’s fans was not successful. However, the 25-year-old midfielder has always shown effort every time he comes on the pitch.

In the third round of Ligue 2, Pau FC visited Le Havre at Stade Océane at 0:00 am on August 14 (Vietnam time). In the face of weaker opponents, Guanghai is likely to continue to be used by coach Tolot.