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Gather and shine

16 Jun 2022 | 16:52 | Football

Theme of The closing ceremony of the 31st SEA Games It’s “Gather to Shine – Gather to Shine”. The significance of the program is that the 12-day competition has brought new vitality to the times, and young lives and health have overcome all difficulties and epidemics.In addition, success Sea Games 31 It is also a testament to Vietnam’s strength and solidarity with Southeast Asian countries.

Closing Ceremony of the 31st Southeast Asian Games: Converging to shine - 1

Beautiful photos of the opening ceremony of the 31st SEA Games

The 31st SEA Games Closing Ceremony Art Program consists of 3 chapters:

The title of the first chapter is “My Hanoi, Your Love”. The audience will enjoy a series of songs about Hanoi sung by singers Dong Xiong, Qing Ling, Bao Dian and Fan Ying Wei. This is the opening part of the closing programme, which aims to showcase the elegance, warmth, kindness and hospitality of the Hanoi capital.

Chapter 2 is titled “Convergence”. This is the main part of the program, which includes the flag raising ceremony, the parade of 11 countries, 40 sports, referee teams and volunteers. In addition, viewers will enjoy the most impressive footage of the 31st SEA Games, the highlight of which is the flag lowering ceremony, the flameout ceremony and the handover of the flag of the Southeast Asian Sports Federation to Cambodia – event organizer. SEA Games 32.

The third chapter is called “The Shining”. It is a musical, circus and sports event featuring leading young Vietnamese singers such as Van Mai Huong, Uyen Linh, Duong Hoang Yen and Ha Nhi. In addition, hundreds of athletes from sports dance, gymnastics and modern dance groups brought the world-connected sportsmanship to the closing ceremony.

31st Southeast Asian Games closes: Converging to shine - 2

The highlight of the closing ceremony was the flag lowering ceremony, the torch lighting ceremony and the handover of the Lao flag to Cambodia, the host of the 32nd SEA Games.

The chief director of the closing ceremony is Chen Lili, a meritorious artist. The production director is the meritorious artist Thanh Hien. Musician Huy Tuan – author of the title track “Let’s Shine – Let’s Shine” – takes on the role of music director. In addition, the closing ceremony also featured the cooperation of about 400 dancers, dance troupes, youth bands, artists, athletes and troops stationed on the first floor of the Hanoi area from art units across the country.

The closing ceremony of the 31st SEA Games will be held at the Hanoi Athletics Palace at 19:30 on May 23, 2022.

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