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End of history tour

09 Jun 2022 | 16:27 | Football

Coach Park Heung-seo says goodbye U23 Vietnam After two competitions, he won the gold medal in the SEA Games for the second time in a row. The glorious journey that the South Korean leader took with his students is a beautiful end to this glorious journey.

From the failure of the 29th SEA Games, U23 Vietnam has transformed under the leadership of Mr. Park to become the king of Southeast Asia and create an Asian miracle.

Video: U23 Vietnam 1-0 U23 Thailand

peak of fame

The SEA Games wasn’t Coach Park’s first game, but it was that charisma that brought the 63-year-old strategist to work in Vietnam.

After the total defeat of the 29th SEA Games, the U23 head coach seat of Vietnam was in trouble. Coach Nguyen Huu Thang resigned, forcing the VFF to come up with an alternative plan. Coach Park Heng-seo was selected to be the co-leader of the national team and the U23s.

The first prize that Mr. Park fell in love with vietnamese football It was the M-150 friendly in Thailand, where he and his students completed three finals. The rest is history, when Vietnam U23 reached the U23 Asian finals, the Asian Asian Games semi-finals – a level that Vietnamese football has never reached.

Coach Park Heng-seo bids farewell to Vietnam U23s: Ending the journey of history - 1

Coach Park Heng Swee – a legend of Vietnamese football. (Photo: Yuying)

The U23 Vietnam team (actually the U22 team) participated in the 30th Southeast Asian Games at their peak, but the pressure is still high. The pressure on coach Park Heng-seo at the time was a bad result in the past. “I understand the waiting of the fans and the whole people because Vietnamese football has not won the SEA Games for half a century.‘ emphasized the Korean coach.

However, thanks to the core of the lineup who participated in the U20 World Cup with the veterans, and the strengthening of the two veterans Hong Yong and Zhong Huang in the national team, Vietnam U23 can win the excellent championship. Park Hengrui’s teachers and students scored 24 goals and conceded only 3 goals in the whole game with 7 wins and 1 draw.

In the semi-finals and finals, Vietnam U23 defeated Cambodia U23 and Indonesia U23, scoring 7 goals and remaining clean. Intensive competition can not make it more difficult for Hong Yong and his teammates. Thanks to the right personnel strategy and sound tactics, Vietnam U23 went straight to the championship.

SEA Games 31 presents a very different challenge. The U23 Vietnam team has home field advantage, but the young players have no experience working with Mr Park. Saying goodbye to the generation that created the Changzhou miracle, the South Korean coach has had to work with a new generation of players who are inexperienced at club level and not as appreciated as the previous generation.

Coach Park Heng-seo bids farewell to Vietnam U23s: Ending history tour - 2

The U23 Vietnam team has grown up under the leadership of coach Park Heng Swee.

But with his leadership skills and understanding of football in Southeast Asia, Coach Park Heng Swee once again sailed the U23 Vietnam boat to a safe destination. Hong Yong and his teammates only scored 8 goals in 5 games in this tournament, which is on par with Thailand’s individual group stage and far behind the team’s goals in the 30th SEA Games.

However, with the 63-year-old coach’s driving ability and reasonable employment ability, Vietnam U23 is on an equal footing with its opponents at critical moments. Coach Park Heng-seo and his students created two SEA Games gold medals thanks to different journeys, concepts and operations.

But in the end, the South Korean coach showed the level of professional training and strategic planning that helped Vietnamese football stop bothering the SEA Games. U23 Vietnam has achieved two goals: to dominate the region and to lend a hand to the region in youth football. This is an achievement that will not be easily replicated in the future.

AFC Cup goals

After the SEA Games, coach Park Hengrui bid farewell to the U23 team and took care of the national team wholeheartedly. With the 2023 Asian Cup in danger of being postponed, the team’s immediate goal will remain at the AFC Cup. The Vietnamese team wants to regain the Southeast Asian throne that they just lost to Thailand by the end of 2021.

Coach Park Heng-seo bids farewell to Vietnam U23s: Ending the journey of history - 3

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh congratulated Coach Park Heng-seo and his students on their success.

Leaving the post of U23 coach will help Mr. Park to have more time to select and cultivate talents for the team. For 4 years, Coach Park Hengrui had to “grind rice with me”, constantly shuttle between the two teams to prepare for consecutive games.

This helps Mr Park develop talent for both teams and keep a close eye on player development. The Korean coach also rotated personnel for the two teams to help the U23 team learn and practice within the team and accumulate more experience.

However, now is the time for Coach Park to save his energy and focus on the team. The U23 Vietnam team also needs fresh air from a new coach. Coach Gong Wujun with different concepts and coaching styles will help Vietnam U23 show a more positive and impressive appearance.

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