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EA Sports makes a harsh decision for Greenwood

02 Feb 2022 | 13:54 | Football

 The violent action from the star born in 2001 brought him many consequences.

Young talent Mason Greenwood has caused great outrage for the majority of fans, after the act of violence against his girlfriend. The Man Utd star is accused of attacking Harriet Robson – his longtime lover and leaving her with many bruises (according to photos posted by Harriet on Instagram).

The unacceptable work caused Greenwood to be boycotted in all respects. Recently, sports brand Nike has just confirmed to suspend cooperation with him. But not stopping there, EA Sports – the leading company in football simulation games also made a strong move for the 20-year-old striker.

Mason Greenwood: Manchester United forward arrested on suspicion of rape and assault after woman's allegations - Bóng Đá

 Mason Greenwood disappointed many fans.

Specifically, EA Sports has released database updates for FIFA 22 across all platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox and PC. In it, they decided to remove Greenwood from all modes in the game with immediate effect.

However, the 20-year-old’s FIFA 22 Ultimate Team items are still active, so players can obtain and trade items related to the 2001-born striker in the FUT 22 internal transfer market system. .

Thus, just a few days after the scandal, Greenwood was turned away by a series of partners and even Man Utd. Moreover, the English striker may have to face the law for his behavior.