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Coach Kevin Muscat: “Yokohama Mariners face many difficulties ahead of HAGL”

28 Apr 2022 | 14:24 | Football

As expected, it was a tough game. The atmosphere on the pitch was frenetic and we were happy to play against the crowd.

Yokohama F. Marinos handled the ball well and created a lot of scoring opportunities. A tough win, but a very good start.All that matters is that we get 3 points‘, head coach Kevin Muscat shared his first game after Yokohama Mariners’ 2-1 win HAGL in the first match of the AFC Champions League.

Coach Kevin Muscat:

HAGL (blue shirt) works very hard. (Photo: Hong Nam)

Yokohama F. Marinos easily scored 2 goals against HAGL thanks to Leoandro Sousa’s goal. HAGL found the goal to close the gap in the first half, but the Japanese representative played steadily and saved 3 points. The win helped Yokohama F. Marinos temporarily top Group H ahead of the Jeonbuk Hyundai and Sydney FC game.

According to coach Muscat, the Yokohama Mariners encountered a lot of difficulties due to the weather and the venue. It was raining heavily in Ho Chi Minh City, causing the ground to flood and the Japanese representatives could not practice at 100% capacity.

Weather conditions, yards… are obstacles.So we have to get into the game slowly because it helps players catch up to better games“, coach Kevin Muscat emphasized.

Yokohama strategist F. Marinos affirmed that the home team worked very hard to overcome the challenge, keeping the spirit and inspiration throughout the game.

First the determination and then the cheers from the fans gave us a huge motivation to win this game. Some time ago, we encountered difficulties such as rain and slippery venues, but the mental and physical strength of the players were still good.‘, shared coach Kevin Muscat.

In the second game three days later, the Yokohama Mariners will face South Korean champion Jeonbuk Hyundai. This is the main balance of head coach Kevin Muscat’s team. Meanwhile, HAGL will face Sydney FC, who are currently runners-up in Australia.