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Coach Eric Ten Haag still has to use Ronaldo

27 Aug 2022 | 18:44 | Football

“Jealous”, “Not qualified to speak out”… are comments made by Rooney’s speech, which suggested that coach Eric Ten Hager should let Ronaldo and Rashford sit down. Manchester United and Liverpool Tomorrow morning (August 23rd) at 2am.

Rooney is understandably disappointed by the performance of his former team-mates, but Ronaldo is still United’s biggest star and it will not be easy for manager Eric Ten Haag to dump his pupils.

Manchester United vs Liverpool: Coach Eric Ten Hager still has to use Ronaldo - 1

Ronaldo needs a turning point to restore his form.

Ronaldo’s problem

According to transfer expert Fabrizio Romano, Cristiano Ronaldo will wait for his chance to leave Manchester United until the last minute. daily mail According to reports, Cristiano Ronaldo is not popular among his teammates, he is always separated to eat alone, is often dissatisfied with the coach, and violates discipline (leaving early without authorization). However, Ronaldo’s problems don’t stop at the idea of ​​playing football.

The Portuguese superstar scored 24 goals last season but quickly exposed his flaws, especially in big games. Ronaldo ‘silenced’ all 6 Manchester United games against the strongest opponents like Liverpool in the competition Manchester City and Chelsea.goals on the net arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur The CR7 wasn’t good enough to regain its prestige at the big events.

When faced with stronger opponents, the “Red Devils” must fall back on the defensive. Strikers suffer from greater distances due to their desire for the ball when they counter-attack. That’s Ronaldo’s weakness – the striker is ineffective when pressing at the other end of his career and is not good at counter-attacking.

Of course, it would be unfair to underestimate Ronaldo with only a few goals in the big game. 37-year-old striker real Madrid Need to be easy to stick to the penalty area and focus on scoring.

Manchester United vs Liverpool: Coach Eric Ten Hager still has to use Ronaldo - 2

Ronaldo needs to be allowed to stay in the box.

At Manchester City, Haaland only touched the ball 73 times, shot 11 times in 3 games, but scored 3 goals. Some very dangerous players just need to focus on finding their target. When it comes to this model, Ronaldo is one of the best.

However, United do not have a strong enough midfield. Constantly passing the ball for Ronaldo also made Manchester City’s play in the red half become monotonous.

In tonight’s game against Liverpool, head coach Eric Ten Haag faces the prospect of a hungry and lonely student attack if Ronaldo is used. Liverpool are strong on the ball and ready to smother their opponents in a showdown with muscular centre-backs such as Virgil van Dijk or Ibrahim Konat.

In a game where Liverpool want to speed up, Ronaldo doesn’t have many opportunities to play.

Who replaced Ronaldo?

Ronaldo is a great player. He’ll always score goals, but Erik Ten Hag’s job is to build a championship-worthy team in three to four years.This means that coaches have to build teams on the basis of young players‘, Rooney said.

Rooney has been criticised by the likes of Gary Neville, Roy Keane or Jamie Carragher, despite speaking about the reality of Ronaldo’s decline, and the former England striker has just spoken out. He has no viable solution.

When the Red Devils have lost their first two games, using young players against Liverpool (which means a greater risk of losing) may only make things worse.

Manchester United vs Liverpool: Coach Eric Ten Hager still has to use Ronaldo - 3

Sancho fell.

Despite the chance to play, young forwards like Anthony Elanga and Jadon Sancho haven’t shown much. Bruno Fernandes failed to stop, and on the defensive end, Eric Ten Haag’s Lisandro Martinez tested in exchange for Manchester United conceded 5 goals after 2 games.

follow protectorYoung players will help Manchester United create pressure on both sides of Liverpool, which is a difficult requirement for Ronaldo.

However, in the second-leg match against Liverpool last season, coach Ralph Rangnick also tried this style of play, using a trio of Elanga, Rashford and Bruno on the front line. Manchester United then lost 0-4 and only took 2 shots in the whole game (Liverpool shot 14).

Everyone knows United would be better off pressing if Ronaldo wasn’t on the pitch, but pressing is only a small part of the overall picture. United tried to put pressure on Liverpool, but a lack of discipline and individual skills resulted in the Red Devils being banned.

Man Utd vs Liverpool: Coach Eric Ten Hager still has to use Ronaldo - 4

Ronaldo is experienced.

The problem is, to beat Liverpool, Manchester United can’t send a lot of young players and wait for them to break their opponent’s play. With the pressing ineffective and the game not yet shaped, the Red Devils still need to approach in the most basic way: have a player who is good at scoring and try to give him as many shots as possible.

With an overall loss to Liverpool, United will need hard work and ambition to partially bridge the gap in levels, such as how new castle Hold on to Manchester City. But the team at Erik 10 Hag needed much more than that. That was the moment when the star of the player smoothed out under the pressure of a game of nails.

Ronaldo is such a player. Giving up the 37-year-old superstar for tonight’s game would be a big gamble for head coach Eric Ten Hager.

Hong Nan