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“Beyond Thailand’s 113 gold medals is a surprise”

08 Jun 2022 | 16:20 | Football

At the end of the 31st Southeast Asian Games, the Vietnamese sports delegation took first place with 205 gold medals, 113 more than Thailand. The number of 205 gold medals is also a record for a sports team in one Southeast Asian Games, far exceeding the 140-185 gold medals initially expected by the General Administration of Sport and the Vietnam Sports Delegation.

Tran Duc Phan, head of the Vietnamese sports delegation and deputy director of the General Administration of Sports, said that Vietnam beat Thailand in this World Cup. Sea Games 31 Can be used as a surprise.

Vietnam sports delegation head:

Mr Chen Depin.

Ahead of the 31st SEA Games, we estimate that Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and regional countries such as Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore will compete in multiple disciplines. However, we won 205 gold medals, showing our advantage over other sports teams. We have 113 gold medals ahead of the second-placed Thailand team. This is unexpected.

When professional departments review the content of the competition, especially the Olympic Games and Asian Games, we carefully compare athletes from other countries. Initially, the goal of the Vietnamese sports delegation was to win 140 or more gold medals, 140-185 gold medals to be exact, because in practice, we only need to achieve this goal to be first or second.

At the Southeast Asian Games held in the Philippines, there are sports such as boxing, rowing, vovinam, and more. However, Vietnam hosts a wide variety of sports and competitions, so this time, the athletes had a chance to show off.

I’ve assigned a committee of experts to scrutinize the subjects to see if the athletes competing for medals are exactly the same as we’ve reviewed. In Olympic sports, the percentage of correct predictions is 80%.Athletes do their best to achieve high rankings“, shared by Mr Tran Duc Phan.

Vietnam sports delegation head:

Sports delegations have achieved almost absolute victories in many subjects such as wrestling,…

Mr. Pan said that the prediction of athletes’ performance needs to be strengthened. Whether the performance is better or worse than expected, the special subcommittee of the General Department of Sports also needs to analyze and find out the reasons and make corresponding adjustments.

Olympic athletes are basically doing well. Of course there are subjects that do not meet the requirements, including archery. It’s a strategic goal we have for the future, but we haven’t won a medal yet. I asked the leaders of the sport to focus on finding out why and how archery led to the Olympics.

In judo, by contrast, we have so far been relatively close in evaluating athletes and predicting medals. This time, we reached 9 gold medals. Every time an achievement differs from a prediction, we need to have an understanding and analysis. For every error, we must actively look for the cause, otherwise there is no solution.

One of the factors that helps Vietnamese sports to achieve good results is the preparation stage. I spoke with heads of sports delegations from other countries who acknowledged that the preparation process for their athletes was disrupted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, we were not interrupted by that.

Vietnamese athletes have been training for the past 2 years, but are unable to compete abroad. In addition, the spirit, will and vitality of the SEA Games athletes are also impressive. They both set expectations before the game and are determined to give it their all. There are new athletes taking part in the SEA Games for the first time, playing in front of the home crowd, and with the encouragement of their families, they have a good motivation to achieve.“, Mr Tran Duc Phan affirmed.

Vietnam sports delegation head:

Taekwondo won 5 gold medal performance rights in content.

The deputy director of the General Administration of Sports was also impressed by the audience’s love for athletes. Most venues were packed with spectators during the two-week competition. Thien Truong Stadium is an example, although the U23 Vietnam team was not present, a large number of fans came to watch the game.

Before the 31st SEA Games, not only me, but also many people thought that this was a difficult conference in terms of organization, professionalism and public support. However, the government has basically brought the epidemic under control, so we can open the door for people to see the athletes play.

What impressed and surprised us the most was the support of the fans and the public for the 31st SEA Games. All stadiums were filled with spectators. During the match between Laos U23 and Singapore U23, Tianchang Stadium had to be closed due to overcrowding. Outside the arena, the spectators pushed each other, many people could not enter the arena, and the Vietnam U23 present was not a game.

I’ve instructed the organizers of the venues to create conditions for people to come in and watch the live broadcast, and if the stands are full, let spectators sit on the steps as long as they’re allowed to watch. Most athletes have family and relatives to support them. Sports have entered the lives and activities of the Vietnamese people.People’s perception of sports has changed a lot“, stressed the head of the delegation, Tran Duc Phan.

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