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Avoiding Thailand and Indonesia, Vietnam opens door to 2022 AFC Cup semi-final

03 Sep 2022 | 19:12 | Football

Vietnam will face opponents including Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore and Laos in the group stage AFC Cup In 2022, this can be seen as a table that Mr. Park Hengrui and his students are more optimistic about. Taking into account the balance of level, strength and experience in the Southeast Asian arena, the Vietnamese team has gone from slightly better to better than their opponents.

Compared with Group A, where defending champion Thailand and defending runner-up Indonesia are present, Vietnam’s opponents in Group B are on a par.

Malaysian football is going through a tough time. Four years ago, the Football Federation of Malaysia (FAM) summoned the policy of naturalized and foreign players in exchange for the “sweet fruit” of the 2018 AFC Cup runner-up.

Avoiding Thailand and Indonesia, Vietnam opens door to 2022 AFC Cup semi-final - 1

The decline of Malaysia.

However, it fails in 2022 World Cup Qualifiers (finally finishing third in the second qualifying round) made FAM change its mind and stop focusing on naturalized stars like Gulherme de Paula, Liridon Krasniqi, Mohamadou Sumareh.

The number of naturalized players in the Malaysian team is decreasing with each game. In the 2020 AFC Cup, Malaysia lost to Vietnam and Indonesia and had to stop in the group stage.

The youth team didn’t fare as well next to Malaysia either. Malaysia U23 were eliminated from the 2022 Southeast Asia U23 group stage after losing 2 to Laos U23. In the SEA Games, Malaysia U23 also stopped in the semi-finals after losing to Vietnam U23. The success of the Malaysian U19 team (the champion of Southeast Asia) is a rare positive signal for Malaysian football.

Under former coach Tran Thanh Hoa, Malaysia has never been an obstacle for Vietnam. At the national team level of the 2018 AFC Cup, the 2020 and 2022 World Cup qualifiers, the “Tiger” drew 6 times with Vietnam, lost 5 times in 6 times, and when it reached its peak, Malaysia only stopped in a difficult situation. level, but could not stop the progress of the Vietnamese team.

Likewise, Myanmar is hardly a force to contend with Vietnam at the national team level, even though the team played against Park Heng-seo’s teachers and students in the 2018 AFC Cup. Unstable, with a great national champion to develop.

Avoiding Thailand and Indonesia, Vietnam opens door to 2022 AFC Cup semi-finals - 2

Myanmar football crisis.

Singapore is the only team in Group B to reach the semi-finals of the 2020 AFC Cup, but the Lion Island national team is also inexperienced in terms of young players. The semi-final loss to Team B of Thailand and Indonesia shows that although Singapore has a group of relatively high-quality young players, it is still unable to return to the top.

Compared with their opponents, the Vietnamese team still maintains the advantage by strength, not to mention the return of Dang Wenlin, Duan Wenhao and Du Hongyong.

Coach Park Hengrui wants to “change blood” to create a new style for the team and avoid being caught by opponents. This is a difficult goal, as finding new players of the same or better quality as the old player base is not an easy task.

Teacher Park and his students still have nearly 4 months to shuffle the cards, calculate strategies and prepare for the goal of reclaiming the 2022 AFC Cup. Vietnam will play India and Singapore in a series of friendlies. Come on September here.

Vietnam team schedule

December 24: Laos vs Vietnam

December 30: Vietnam vs Malaysia

2/1: Singapore vs Vietnam

5/1: Vietnam vs Myanmar

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