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AJ McKee battles Pitbull 2 ​​for the title at Bellator MMA 277

19 May 2022 | 15:20 | Football

The intriguing relationship between Patricio “Pitbull” Freire and AJ McKee, the two leaders of Bellator MMA 277, was the key to activating the Bellator MMA buzz to fans. Locking and squeezing the best quality “ground fights” is what any spectator would expect in a rematch between these two fighters.

In 2020, Patricio “Pitbull” Freire has a 5-game winning streak in the Bellator MMA program. This stellar form earned him the Bellator MMA (Feather and Lightweight) 2 Heavyweight Championship. More importantly, he defeated Bellato’s prominent face Michael Chandler in the first half and became the new lightweight king of Berato.

AJ McKee battles Pitbull 2 ​​for title at Bellator MMA 277 - 1

Patricio “Pitbull” Freire was No. 1 on Bellator MMA’s boxer list (Credit: CBS Sport)

The greatness of Patricio Freire has placed him at No. 1 in the entire Bellato Championship standings in 2020. Also, he is ranked fourth among the best featherweight boxers in the world. But his career stalled after that.

Patricio Freire’s impressive winning streak was ended in July 2021 by “Rookie” AJ McKee. AJ McKee started his career in 2015 and never lost a game. But he has been grappling with criticism that his perfect record came from “picking an easy opponent”.

AJ McKee battles Pitbull 2 ​​for the title at Bellator MMA 277 - 2

AJ McKee showed great personality and fighting style in Bellator MMA (Credit: MMA Fighting)

Of course, the audience dragged the name Patricio Freire in, hoping that AJ would prove his prowess. Unleashed by public pressure, AJ McKee surprised everyone by knocking out the “face” of Bellator MMA – Patricio Freire in just one round. The victory earned him the Grand Prix title, the Bellator Featherweight Championship, and $1 million in prize money. Not only that, but AJ McKee has automatically landed the number one spot on the Bellator MMA chart.

Since then, Bellator’s lightweight has become the most exciting heavyweight. For the above reasons, the fight between the two excellent boxers has become what every boxing fan looks forward to. Patricio Freire and AJ McKee don’t need a “warm-up” to create a comfortable state of mind, but are ready to return as soon as possible. The contest between Patricio and AJ is no longer an ordinary championship battle, but a contest between the two “kings” at the peak.

AJ McKee battles Pitbull 2 ​​for title at Bellator MMA 277 - 3

These 2 fighters turned Bellator MMA’s featherweight division into a very noteworthy division (Credit: MMA Fighting)

Patricio Freire and AJ McKee weren’t the only stars at Bellator MMA 277. The event also featured another engaging belt fight between Vadim Nemkov and Corey Anderson. The two fighters will fight for the Bellator welterweight title.

Vadim Nemkov is currently the Bellator MMA Welterweight Champion. He won the welterweight title in 2020 after knocking out the then 2 heavyweight champions (heavyweight and half heavyweight) and Ryan Budd. Then in 2021, Nemkov went on to beat Angelikas to advance to the Bellato Welterweight Grand Prix final, where he will take on another international MMA star, Corey Anderson.

AJ McKee battles Pitbull 2 ​​for the title at Bellator MMA 277 - 4

Vadim Nemkov will return at Bellator MMA (Credit: CBS Sport)

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AJ McKee battles Pitbull 2 ​​for the title at Bellator MMA 277 - 5