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A hat-trick against the bottom team, Cristiano Ronaldo broke the Premier League record

22 Apr 2022 | 14:14 | Football

3 balls into the net Tottenham Hotspur On March 12, Ronaldo continued to score a hat-trick to win 3-2. Manchester United Premier League round 33 against Norwich.

The Portuguese superstar scored 2 goals in the first half to help the “Red Devils” lead 2-0, and then let the opponent equalize 2-2. When everyone thought of the draw, Cristiano Ronaldo spoke again, a classic free kick, which brought an important victory to Manchester United in the red half.

With a hat-trick against the bottom team, Ronaldo broke the Premier League record-1

Ronaldo shines at Norwich.

His hat-trick against Norwich made Ronaldo the first 36-year-old to score more than 15 goals in the Premier League. The 37-year-old is still United’s top scorer, despite this being Ronaldo’s first season back at Old Trafford after 12 years.

In all competitions this season, Ronaldo has scored 21 goals (15 in the Premier League and 6 in the Champions League). Manchester United’s striker has produced impressive numbers when he has scored at least 21 goals in each of the 16 consecutive seasons (2006/2007 to date).

It was also Ronaldo’s 50th career hat-trick – a world football record. In addition, this is also the 58th free kick of the former Real Madrid star’s career.

The home win helped Manchester United rekindle their hopes of winning the Champions League.On the day Ronaldo and his team-mates beat Norwich, Tottenham and arsenal suddenly lost Brighton & Hove Albion and Southampton.

The “Red Devils” temporarily rose to fifth place with 54 points, 3 points behind Tottenham. Arsenal also have 54 points but are behind Manchester United with fewer goals.