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2021 West Lake Half Marathon sets new record

21 Apr 2022 | 14:13 | Football

On April 17th, the 2021 West Lake Half Marathon – BIM Group helped the Legendary Race to a successful conclusion on the “Legendary Road Around West Lake”. Nearly 3000 athletes (athletes) participated in 4 distances: half marathon (21.1975 km), a round of West Lake (15 km), 6 km and 3 km.

This year, a record of more than 1,000 people signed up for the longest distance, the half-marathon (21.0975 km). In the men’s group, athlete Pei Wenyong (number 22079) won the championship with a time of 1 hour, 13 minutes and 54 seconds (1:13:54). Second place went to Nguyen Minh Hong (21064) with a time of 1:20:53 and third place went to Ngo Doan Tung (22055) with a time of 1:21:28.

2021 West Lake Half Marathon sets new record - 1

The 2021 West Lake Half Marathon will be held on the “Legendary Road to West Lake”.

In the women’s half marathon, the National Youth Track and Field Team (21026) Roth Beach won the championship with a time of 1:24:27. The girl, born in 2004, finished 7th overall, behind only 6 male athletes. The second place on the content was Hoang Thi Hong Uyen at 1:36:35. Third place was won by foreign athlete Mitchell Christine in 1:37:26.

The 15-kilometer Tour of the West Lake witnessed the attractive speed race of the two national players. Athlete Le Trung Duc (10203) won the first prize in 52 minutes 33 seconds (52:33). Second place went to young player Son Tien Phat (10700) with a record of 53:45. The third place is Hu Zhitian (10423) with a parameter of 55:48.

After the race, the men’s 15km champion Le Zhongde said: “I rate this year’s run very well because it is very difficult to completely ban the entire track around West Lake.The organizers made great efforts to draw a successful conclusion to this year’s event“.

In the women’s 15km group, He Shiqiuxia (10205), a junior of the national youth track and field athlete and women’s marathon runner Fan Shihongle (2020 21km champion), won the championship with a score of 1:00:09. She also made the top 7, behind only 6 male athletes. Second place was Le Thi Thanh Nga (11029) at 1:01:55 and Le Mai Hong Ngoc (11300) at 1:03:49.

2021 West Lake Half Marathon sets new record - 2

The 2021 Tay Ho Half Marathon is back on track after a 1-year delay due to COVID-19.

In addition to the above two distances, the organizing committee also presented attractive prizes for the 6km and 3km podiums.

Mr. Fan Xuantai, vice chairman of the Xihe District People’s Committee and head of the 2021 Xihe Half Marathon Organizing Committee, said:

“The second Xihe Half Marathon is held to promote sports in Xihu District, attract and mobilize all sectors of society to participate, and contribute to their own health, health and happiness. Everyone is healthy and contributes to improving their physique and body, especially Hanoi. People and even the whole country have raised the image of Xihe District to friends at home and abroad through running. The competition has created a must-see destination for athletes with high achievements and movements.